Pierluigi Collina, one of the best referees in history

Pierluigi Collina, one of the best referees in history
Pierluigi Collina in action (Telemundo Sports)

The figure of the soccer referee is one of the most criticized of the sport. Their work is not easy and receive good reviews is quite complicated. But nevertheless, Pierluigi Collina It was, for many, the best referee of history.

This great arbiter not only noted for its work in the field. It was one of the referees more media to the point where many star in advertising campaigns and be Home game. His charisma and personality made him earn the respect of the vast majority of players who had opportunity to whistle.

Pierluigi Collina PES 3
An arbitrator is cover of a video game like PES, It makes it clear who was Pierluigi Collina (Vandal.net)

He was present at great moments in football history. Without going further, the Champions League final that pitted Manchester United and Bayern Munich at Camp Nou from Barcelona. The picture of Pierluigi Collina raising the German players of the floor after receiving two goals in just a minute went around the world.

Bayern Manchester
Bayern-Manchester United, historic Champions final (Getty Images)

He was also responsible for directing the final of the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002. That day, Brazil defeated 2 goals to nil to Germany, with doublet Ronaldo Nazario, Lucia and her famous unique hairstyle, which it was also for the memory of football fans.

Pierluigi Collina DREAM

After refereeing many games with so many stars in the field, Pierluigi Collina confessed that, above all, He was struck by a player and a goal in particular. He was scored by Ronaldinho a match between Chelsea and FC Barcelona at Stanford Bridge. The Brazilian made a surprising maneuver to mark a 'punterazo’ before which it past the keeper Petr Cech.

But nevertheless, The referee failed to fulfill one of his dreams. Once removed admitted he would have liked to direct a game The Bombonera, stadium where Boca Juniors plays at home. The Italian was present at a meeting as a spectator but never as umpire.

In 2005, It is swells Lazio he retired from professional arbitration. Olympic Games, world, Final Champions… little was done to him one of the best referees in history. No doubt that was sorely missed in the major events of football today.

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