Hairstyle curious why Nazário Ronaldo in World Cup final 2002

Hairstyle curious why Nazário Ronaldo in World Cup final 2002
Ronaldo Nazario in the final against Germany with her famous hairstyle (goals Magic)

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Ronaldo Nazario It was the great protagonist of the World Cup held in Korea and Japan in the year 2002. The Brazilian took everything in that edition in which his team won the fifth title in a World. But nevertheless, the striker had it easy as it passed through injury throughout the tournament. Precisely, Incredibly, the hairstyle she wore in the final against Germany He was related to these annoyances.

As revealed by the player himself in an interview ESPN Brazil, Ronaldo was not at all the 100% to face the decisive matches of this World. In fact, the player admitted he was the 60% because of an injury that prevented him perform at their best. Physical discomfort were the center of all sports covers both their country and around the world and had an occurrence that helped him to turn full rudder.

The reason for Ronaldo's curious hairstyle at the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002

A change of hairstyle did not talk about anything else was the solution found by the Brazilian. Of course, it worked. Since Ronaldo appeared with bangs so strange that he no longer spoke of something else and publications about his injury they were forgotten completely, something that allowed him to play more calmly and without pressure he had been suffering throughout the championship.

Brazil he faced the final match against Germany the best way forward with its fully plugged. Ronaldo He scored two goals in the final and gave the title to his team. further, got the Golden Boot as it was the top scorer of the tournament with 8 goals. Behind the, the German Miroslav Klose and his teammate Rivaldo, both with 5 goals scored.

Returning to the famous Ronaldo hairstyle, the star admitted he was inspired by a cartoon character very famous in his country called Cascao. Anyway, What is clear is that this haircut created trend and there were many children around the world who imitated his idol rapándose leaving only the head and the bangs that caused furor. O Phenomenon He achieved his goal and stopped talking about his physical condition.

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