The only two teams that have won the Primera Liga, Second and Third Division

The only two teams that have won the Primera Liga, Second and Third Division
The issue of Real Betis won the League in season 1934-1935 (ABC Sevilla)

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Since the creation of the League the season 1928-1929, 9 teams have been able to win the league in the top flight. But nevertheless, Today we will analyze the case of only two teams that have won the championship both First, Second and Third Division.

Teams that have won the League in the first three categories of Spanish football


The set Betis has the honor of being the first Andalusian club to play in the First Division and win the league. This historic event took place in the season 1934-1935 when the group led by the legendary Patrick O´Connell became champion of the maximum category.

A couple of years earlier, in 1932, the Real Betis I had already gotten out champion of Second Division (which it helped him to win promotion). In fact, The Andalusian team is the second team that has won more times League silver category 7 championships (1932, 1942, 1958, 1971, 1974, 2011 Y 2015). only Real Murcia surpasses him in this ranking with 8 Second League.

Third play is never good for such a big club like bético, but nevertheless, Thanks to that may appear in this select group of only two teams that have won the League First, Second and Third. It was in the season 1953-1954 when there was still the Second B. Thus the Real Betis achieved promotion category.


The RC Deportivo La Coruna is the other club has achieved this milestone. Galicians got their most important title in the Bell 1999-2000 when they proclaimed League champions after a failed attempt a few years earlier.

That Depor Jabo Irureta got what Super Depor Arsenio He had touched with fingertips. Goals from Donato Y Mackaay against him Espanyol They made the fans deportivista thorn will be removed. It is true that the whole city had won other titles like Cup of the King 1994-1995 but nothing like this League.

Of course, the Depor It is also one of the teams that has won several leagues Second Division. In particular they have been 5 (1962, 1964, 1966, 1968 and the last 2012). As you can see, the first four were alternated with immediate drop First division. A second league title was followed by a decrease of First. As curious.

By last, to accompany the Real Betis as the only two teams that have won the Primera Liga, Second and Third, we must go back to the season 1974-1975. The Sports, I had never played so down, I had to do in Third. He won the division and left immediately.

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