Teams that went down to the Second Division against the eternal rival

Teams that went down to the Second Division against the eternal rival
Denis Law leaves the field after scoring the goal that led to United's defeat and relegation (Sporskeeda)

Moving down the ranks is one of the worst tragedies for both a club and their fans. Do it against him eternal rival is, directly, the greatest humiliation that can exist in the world of soccer. In this article we will review equipment that went to B (as it is popularly known in countries like Argentina) against his great enemy.

Denis Law's goal against Manchester United

One of the most striking cases is the one that happened in the year 1974. The Manchester United the permanence at Old Trafford was at stake against his eternal rival, el Manchester City. The end result was 0-1 for visitors who, and if that was not enough, they won with a goal of Denis Law.

Scottish footballer, one of the members of the ‘Holy Trinity‘ junto a Bobby Charlton y George Best, he had switched sides that same season after United did not offer him the renewal. As soon as you score the goal, far from celebrating, requested the change and totally collapsed. In subsequent interviews, He has always said that his goal did not go down to his former team since they needed another series of results that did not happen..

Tigers against their eternal rival: Rayados de Monterrey

Perhaps this great rivalry in Europe is not so well known, but Tigers Y Scratched they are eternal rivals. In 1996, the first fell to the Second Division after losing by a score of 2-1 against his enemy with goals from Sergio Verdirame and Luis Miguel Salvador. And if that was not enough, Morelia defeated Veracruz in the other game that decided the relegation.

Necaxa against Club América and Atlante

eternal rivals
Necaxa fans regret the decline in 2009.

If it is already difficult to assume a descent against your great enemy, imagine doing it against two of your eternal rivals. This happened to Necaxa, Also in mexico, who lost the category first against America, in the year 2009, and two years later against Atlas. The first case, also, raised all kinds of opinions because both Necaxa and America belonged to the same owner.

Espanyol relegation against Barça

descent of the Spanish
Espanyol players after losing the category at Camp Nou (The country)

The most recent case of teams that descended against their eternal rival is that of RCD Espanyol. The parakeet set consummated his return to the Second Division 26 seasons later falling against him FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the 2019-2020. All a humiliation for his great fans in a totally disastrous season for the Blue and Whites.


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