The bitterest career goal Denis Law, myth and legend of Manchester United

The bitterest career goal Denis Law, myth and legend of Manchester United
Denis Law posing with the Manchester City jersey this season 1973-1974 (

Often gives the impression that the destination becomes capricious. An example of this is the story that we tell you today that has as protagonist Denis Law, Scottish footballer who became a legend of the Manchester United and who ended up becoming executioner of his former team with the shirt of his eternal rival.

Law was part of one of the most mythical strikers in the set of Old Trafford beside George Best Y Bobby Charlton. In their 9 seasons at United he won two league titles (1964-1965 Y 1966-1967), an FA Cup (1962-1963) Y a European Cup (1967-1968) in addition to achieving the Golden Ball of 1964 and proclaim himself top scorer in the European Cup of 1969 with 9 many.

Before joining the Red Devils, he had signed his first professional contract with just 17 years with him Huddersfield in which he stayed a year and was signed by the Manchester City in which he also stood out and only stayed one season before leaving for Torino italiano. But nevertheless, Law did not feel comfortable in Italy and returned to England to establish himself as one of the best players in Europe in his already discussed stage in the Manchester United.

Law, Charlton y Best
Statue of Charlton, Law and Best in front of the Old Trafford facade (Flickr)


But nevertheless, To everyone's surprise, at the end of the season 1972-1973, the set of Old Trafford did not offer contract renewal to Denis Law what with 33 years he pondered his retirement from professional football. It was then that one of his first teams in England, the Manchester City, He offered him a one-season contract and the footballer decided to accept it and remain active for at least one more year to try to be in the World 1974 with Scotland, as it were.

What neither Denis Law neither fans were aware that fate had prepared for them a whimsical and twisted coincidence. The calendar wanted the Manchester derby will be played on the last day of the league in Old Trafford with the local team playing, no more no less, that the downgrade. The nerves were on the surface and the locals needed a victory and that the Birminghan fell defeated against him Norwich City.


In the minute 85 of game, a counterattack from Manchester City was culminated by Denis Law that with a heel he achieved the 0-1 that sent to United second division. The Scotsman did not celebrate both and received the congratulations of his companions with a serious face and crestfallen.

At that time the Manchester public invaded the field peacefully without a very clear reason. Once the playing field is cleared, Law he asked for the change and left with more applause than whistles. Finally the descent of his former team was consummated since, in addition to being defeated with the solitary goal of the Scottish striker, the Birminghan He achieved victory against Norwich.

That afternoon of 1974, the one who was myth and legend of Manchester United for so many years he became executioner of the team and of the fans that celebrated his goals for so many years. And if that was not enough, that heeled goal meant his number 300 as a professional. Soccer stuff.

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