andriy Shevchenko, radioactive balls to Ballon

andriy Shevchenko, radioactive balls to Ballon
Shevchenko, one of the children who had to escape the Chernobyl catastrophe (20minutes)

andriy Shevchenko was one of the best strikers of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. But nevertheless, his childhood was not easy, Rather the complete opposite.

The 26 April 1986 one of the worst nuclear catastrophes in history occurred. At the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin plant, located in Chernobyl, Ukraine, there was a serious explosion that had disastrous consequences for the population of the area.

A few kilometers from there, specifically in Dvirkivshchyna, a little boy 9 years he played soccer with his friends on the street. In one of his brash plays, Andriy threw a ball that was going to stop on the roof of a nearby house. How do the rules of the Street football, the pitcher had to go get the ball as it was. The surprise was capital when seeing that it was not a ball but three that had been whitewashed there.

With great joy, that young boy managed to get home loaded with his precious loot. But nevertheless, arriving, Mykola Shevchenko, Andriy's father, decided to analyze those balls with a meter that he kept in a drawer. The level of radioactivity was very high, so the family decided to leave the area to escape that serious health hazard..

Shevchenko's hat-trick at Camp Nou

The Shevchenko they choose Kiev as a new destination and Andriy enters the lower categories of the Dynamo. From there its projection is meteoric. He becomes one of the club's main assets and reaches the first team where he soon makes a name for himself on the European football scene.. His great moment occurs in a Champions League match played at the Camp Nou on 5 November 1997 in which the Ukrainian team beat Barça for a forceful 0-4 with a hat-trick of his great star.

Shevchenko Camp Nou
Shevchenko's exhibition at the Camp Nou put him in the European showcase (

There were many teams that launched their networks to try to get the services of Shevchenko but finally the AC Milan got the signing after paying 25 million euros to the Dynamo. After performance seen, the price was a real bargain.

Titles at a collective level and of course also in the personal section. His great moment comes in the year 2004 when you receive the Golden Ball the best soccer player of the moment. Gone are the radioactive balloons that put his life and that of the rest of his family at risk.

Shevchenko Golden Ball
The Ukrainian footballer poses with the Golden Ball of 2004 (Infobae)

That boy's dream of succeeding in football came true and Dynamo Kiev, Milan, Chelsea and of course the Ukrainian team had the honor of having in their ranks this great striker.

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