Bobby Charlton, Denis Law y George Best, 'The Holy Trinity’ del Manchester United

Bobby Charlton, Denis Law y George Best, 'The Holy Trinity’ del Manchester United
Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best to the delight of audiences Old Trafford for many years (Reddit)

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For such a big team like Manchester United have passed, like is logic, great players throughout history. But nevertheless, there are three players who became legends and also coincided in the same period of time: Bobby Charlton, Denis Law Y George Best, ‘The Holy Trinity’ (United Trinity O Holy Trinity in English).

Experts are facing the three Best British Soccer Players in History. English Bobby Charlton, Scottish Denis Law and Northern Ireland George Best certainly they had something special together and they were the bomb. One of the players who agreed with them on that mythical Manchester United, Paddy Crerand, He expressed what was that trident and:

Immediately, you could see the great chemistry between them. Great players can play together. Hard as it was the party, always you knew that Bobby could unleash one of his shots from God knows where, Denis would make something out of nothing in the area or George would do something magical.

The Holy Trinity, not adhered to dominate English football, also proposed soon dominate the rest of the continent. Thus, in 1968, the Red Devils They became the first English club to win the European Cup club to the defeat in the final to the Benfica and leaving the way computers as powerful as the Real Madrid.

In that wonderful decade of the 60, three players achieved the Golden Ball to the best player of the world. Since then, only Cristiano Ronaldo He has got to be the Footballer Manchester United. combined, three players scored a total 665 goals in 1633 matches with red shirt.


Bobby's life was marked, like is logic, the plane crash Munich of 1958 in which several members of the club, Players and managers, They lost their lives. Charlton was one of the survivors of that tragedy and from that moment was called to lead the rebirth of that club. No doubt he got it. The 9’ He was one of the few 'total footballers’ He has given football, able to play in any position and perform at the highest level.

Besides getting all the shirt of the United, He was one of the heroes who made history proclaimed champion of the world with the England team in the World 1966 in which the British played the role of hosts. He played a total of 758 parties with those of Old Trafford scoring 249 goals.


The Scot was the second team to reach Manchester. His debut came only 1963. It was one of the great idol of the fans. He won Golden Ball in 1964 and their numbers in the United They were of 237 goals in 404 matches.

But nevertheless, whims of fate, Denis Law he was forced to leave the team to sign his life by the eternal rival, the Manchester City, he offered the opportunity to remain active and thus able to be present in the World 1974. The oddest thing is that a gol the Law and Old Trafford He sent that same year to Manchester United to Second Division.


The last to arrive to complete The Holy Trinity This Ulsterman was soon left everyone speechless. George Best It was pure magic. Able to haggle a whole team and score the most amazing goals in an era in which many parties vied totally muddy fields.

Your busy life private, full of excesses, Alcohol and women, They not prevented him from performing truly memorable plays and games that are part of the history of the club. I note 137 goals in 361 meetings in United. Precisely, Bobby Charlton Y Denis Law They were two of the last people who visited Best in hospital shortly before his death.

Nowadays, a statue with the three members of this legendary trident stands in front of the stadium Old Trafford. 'The theatre of Dreams’ enjoyed for many years these three myths of football that form part of the history of the sport.

Statue Old Trafford
Statue Old Trafford (As)

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