Big stars that were announced in the Copa America

Big stars that were announced in the Copa America
The Copa América has served to publicize some of the great figures of football (Photo:

As we have already commenting in previous articles, the Copa America It is the oldest competition at the level of national teams still disputed today. But nevertheless, the closest to the current format began in the edition in the year 1987. Since then, some of the biggest stars of world football have been released in this tournament.

René Higuita

The world met legendary Colombian goalkeeper in the Copa America 1987 held in Argentina. By then Higuita He had 20 years old and his performances and unique style of play had a big impact. Colombians surprised with a very advanced defense had to cancerbero acting almost as libero outside the area. Uruguay was the champion by defeating in the final Chile by 1-0.

Gabriel Omar Batistuta

Another major stars that were announced in a Copa America. Batistuta, would later become the top scorer in the history of Argentina in the World, He participated in the contest 1991 celebrated on Chile. With 22 years, the Albiceleste attacker had an outstanding performance as it was the top scorer with 6 goals scored. This served to make the jump to Europe and joining the Fiorentina Italian Serie A at that time was The best league of the world.

Diego Pablo Simeone

That Copa America 1991 Argentina had another outstanding. Diego Pablo Simeone He began to show the kind of player who would be in the immediate future. The cholo, their 20 years, was the soul of this Albiceleste who won the title of champion. Midfielder was prolonged technician Alfio Basile in the field and led his team showing great character and competitive spirit that will define the rest of his career.

Ronaldo Nazario

The striker needs no introduction. No doubt we are facing one of the best '9’ history of football injuries that prevented him shine even more. In 1997, with only 20 years, Ronaldo Y Brazil were the big winners in the Copa America disputed in Bolivia. 'The Canarinhos’ He won the championship and the striker was the top scorer with 5 and finally it established targets worldwide if it is true that that year had a spectacular season in FC Barcelona scoring 34 goals in Laliga.

Ronaldinho Gaucho

How could we leave off this list of big stars who triumphed in the Copa America a Ronaldinho Gaucho? The Brazilian was the great figure of editing 1999 played in Paraguay. Brazil was champion once again and ‘Ronie’ It was his football highlight their 19 years. From there a very important race that came to consecrate as the best player on the planet when he defended T-Shirt FC Barcelona.

Adriano Leite

In 2004 the authentic feel of the American tournament was a Brazilian striker named Adriano. The attacker surprised everyone by his great power that made him virtually unstoppable. With 19 years he was able to devote himself top scorer of the tournament with 7 notes also scoring a goal in the last minute forcing extra time in the final against Argentina and he served Brazil to add a new title on penalties.

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