When Italy had the best league in the world

When Italy had the best league in the world
Maldini's Milan and Napoli of Maradona facing (Colgadosporelfútbol)

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Those who already have an age, nostalgically recall the Italian League mid 80 up to half of the 90 approximately. At that time, Italy had, without a doubt, with The best league of the world.

To find a possible explanation has to go back a few years ago. At World 1966 played in England, the Azzurri failed so miserably. For this reason and in order to strengthen the national team, the use of foreign players were banned for many years.


In 1980 the veto arose and some of the best players in the world started arriving in the transalpine country. In the 'decade prodigiosa'llegaron Maradona al Naples, Platini to Juventus and many more that made the Italian the best league in the world.

Platini and Mardaona
Maradona Napoli and Juventus of Platini staged one of the historical dueling Calcium in 80 (Youtube)

At the end of the 80 and early 90 Dutch champions arrived in Europe with your selection, Van Basten, Rijkaard y Gullit al Milan of Arrigo Sacchi German champions or World Klinsmann, Matthaus and Brehme to Inter Milan.

Van Basten Gullit Rijkaard
The Milan of the Dutch led by Arrigo Sacchi revolutionized European football (Lasoga)

Of course, we must not forget some Italian players began to explode in the 90 that contributed to the boom’ Calcium as Roberto Baggio O Maldini in addition to young people starting to appear and become legends Pirlo, Del Piero, Buffon and Totti.

Italian football is wielding more money. The great players from other leagues were fichados based checkbook and made the suitcases bound for Italy. Ronaldo Nazario left the club and signed for Inter by 4.000 million pesetas, an exorbitant amount at that time.

Ronaldo Weah
Ronaldo y Weah, two 'nines’ Legendary played in Italy in the years 90 in which it was, by then, best league in the world (Sports Summer)


But gradually the Spanish League was eating ground to its neighbors. In the season 1996-1997 the self-styled 'Liga de las Estrellas’ O 'The best league of the world’ I put the batteries with the help of money from the televisions who decided to invest authentic savagery, something that had already happened in Italy a few years earlier. Big stars like Zidane changed the Juve for him Real Madrid so they made the opposite journey to what was being usual.

Since then, coinciding with the change of century, Italian football tries to regain lost hegemony. The World 2006 won by Italy should not obscure a reality that has been observed for years and is none other than the decline of Football at all levels. Hopefully soon return that splendor.


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