Why FC Barcelona shirt is colored Barca?

Why FC Barcelona shirt is colored Barca?
Barca training season 1980-1981 with Quini etc. (Football teams)

In our quest to seek an explanation origin of the color of the shirts of football teams, Today we will try to clarify the reason T-Shirt FC Barcelona Color is Catalan.

First we must make it clear that neither the FC Barcelona club itself has a version 100% verified, but it is true that there is sufficient documentation about.

The origin of the FC Barcelona shirt

The Barça It was founded in 1899 by a group of young chief among them Joan Gamper Y the Witty brothers (Frederick y Ernest). Although there is a widespread theory that blue and red colors come sweatshirt Basel Swiss, club in which he played Gamper, that's not true, or at least not entirely.

Apparently, as it explained in detail in this article Brothers Witty actively they participated in the first meetings that led to the founding of the club. That is why when choosing colors opted for red and blue were the colors of the rugby team Merchant Taylors, School in which both studied in Crosby, Liverpool.

This proposal was accepted by Joan Gamper as, surely, He felt sympathy for those colors by the fact that he played in Basel. But nevertheless, have it I had to choose colors Barça based on a Swiss team, he would surely have chosen the Zurich one he Excelsior which they were founded by himself (in Basel he was just a player and not for long).

When Barça visited in white

A curious fact we could highlight that initially the FC Barcelona He played his encounters with Barca shirt but accompanied by white panties, that within a few years became dark blue matching with the zamarra.

further, As we discussed in this other article, the Barça He has dressed several times a T-shirt white to avoid confusion in some games against teams wearing similar. It happened in the years 40 Y 50 but later in some meetings of European competition in the early 70. Of course, something unthinkable today because of their great rivalry with Real Madrid.

Some of the best footballers in history soccer (Cruyff, Maradona, Messi And a long etcetera) They have this mythical dress shirt. Today, We left a little clearer the origin of the colors of one of the biggest clubs in the world.


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