America's Cup History, one of the oldest international competitions around the world

America's Cup History, one of the oldest international competitions around the world
Ruggeri and Hugo Sánchez, Argentina and Mexico captains, before the final he faced them 1993 and the Albiceleste beat by 2-1 (Pinterest)

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The Copa America It is the most important international tournament in South America. It is organized by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and he began to be played in the year 1916 making it one of the oldest international world championships.

only British Home Championship (He is played from 1883 until 1984) and the Olympic Games (whose first football tournament was held in London in 1908) They have more seniority than the America's Cup.

As we say, the first South American championship teams (as initially it named the tournament) started on 1916 in Argentina to commemorate and celebrate the centenary of the independence of this country. In this first edition only participated 4 national teams: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile It is the first Uruguayan champions defeating in the final to the hosts.

Unlike other major national team competitions such as world Cup one to Euro (which they compete every 4 years), the Copa America It has not followed even when held one criterion. Initially, in fact, He was played every year and had no fixed venue.

The history of the Copa America

In 1986 the CONMEBOL established rules obliging involve 10 federations (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) they used to have the presence of two guests, typically in North America, Central America or the Caribbean (CONCACAF) although countries like Japan (1999) Y Qatar (2019) also they have been invited.

curiously, of the 10 selections' fixed’ Copa America, 8 They have been able to win the title. Only Venezuela and Ecuador still they not have succeeded, in fact, They not even have been able to reach any final.

Copa America 1995
Selection of Uruguay who won the America's Cup 1995 with Álvez, "Guti", Silva, Herrera, Moas, Mendez, Dorta, Poyet, Enzo, Fonseca and Otero (Photo: Ovation)

The list of winners of the Copa América

Leads the Champions Uruguay who has been in 15 occasions, followed by Argentina with 14, Brazil with 8, Paraguay, Chile Y Peru who have done 2 times and Bolivia Y Colombia they have been champions only once.

As a curiosity we can add that the biggest thrashings of history Copa America He has achieved the Argentina he managed to win 12-0 to Ecuador in the edition of Uruguay 1942 and by 11-0 to Venezuela in 1975.

The top scorers in the history of the competition are Argentina Norberto Mendez and Brazilian Nho, both with 17 goals. yes, Mendez got that amount 17 matches (ie it scored an average of one goal per game) while Zizinho did in 33 meetings.

Brazilian footballer precisely is the second player who has played more games in the history of the America's Cup, surpassed only by Chile Sergio Livingstone I was able to play 34 encounters nothing more and nothing less.

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