Teofilo Cubillas, one of the best Peruvian Soccer Players in History

Teofilo Cubillas, one of the best Peruvian Soccer Players in History
Teofilo Cubillas, one of the best Peruvian Soccer Players in History, in a match against Brazil (Photo: Diffusion)

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Peruvian football had its greatest splendor in the early 70. In those times, selecting the red stripe He got his biggest hits highlighting above all the title Copa America 1975. One of the most outstanding players of that team was Teofilo Cubillas which we will be discussed below.

Natural Peruvian capital, Teofilo Cubillas It is undoubtedly the great idol of the fans of Club Alianza Lima. It is considered the best Peruvian soccer player of the twentieth century by the IFFHS and no doubt that is a more than deserved recognition. The attacker always noted for his great goalscoring, not in vain (and certainly to the surprise of many) ranked eighth in the classification of top scorers in the history of the world with 10 annotations.


It was a mainstay in the team with which he played the world of 1970, 1978 Y 1982. In the first two was able to score 5 goals in each of them and Peru He reached the quarterfinals in separate editions. This, attached to said Copa America 1975, show that that selection had a high level squad with players like Alberto Gallardo, Hector Chumpitaz, July Meléndez, Roberto Chale, Ottorino Sartor, Ramón Mifflin, Julio Cesar Uribe, Hugo Sotil, Juan José Muñante, César Cueto, Ruben Diaz, Juan Carlos Oblitas, José Velásquez, Percy Rojas, Gerónimo Barbadillo or Franco Navarro among others.

At club level Teofilo Cubillas He had a very prominent role in the club of his life, Alianza Lima, which allowed him to make the leap to European football. First was the Basel Swiss and subsequently Port Portuguese which counted with striker in their ranks. Set in the Luso lived a great period that lasted 3 seasons he was able to score 65 goals in 108 matches.

After his European adventure he returned to Alianza Lima before trying his luck in the United States where he joined the FL Strikers in NASL. finally 1988 He hung up his boots with a brilliant goalscoring statistics. Cubillas He marked a total of 338 goals in 611 official parties what is being 0,55 goals per match, something few can say.

Do not worry, and I have successor and is Teofilo Cubillas”

There is some controversy over whether The Nene’ Peru is the best player in history. The very character of this article stated that Paolo Guerrero He had surpassed him. But nevertheless, we can not forget the words of a legend like Brazil Skin after winning the World Cup 1970 he claimed: “do not worry, and I have a successor and Teofilo Cubillas”.

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