Frank Rijkaard's debut with Real Zaragoza in the Luis Casanova

Frank Rijkaard's debut with Real Zaragoza in the Luis Casanova
Initial training of Real Zaragoza with Rijkaard with dorsal 10 (youtube)

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Perhaps many do not know but Frank Rijkaard he played Real Zaragoza like many great players.

It is true that its passage by the club hand was short-lived and that for many was simply a bridge equipment Dutch first used to recover from an injury that dragged from his time in the Ajax and second directions form an optimum state of the AC Milan where Arrigo Sacchi She was waiting with open arms.

Anyway the point is that the talented Dutchman wore the shirt of the club tilefish and although not sporting the team's goal was achieved (it was none other than qualifying to play UEFA Cup) yes that left samples of his enormous quality in 11 matches in the Spanish League.


The debut moneybags It was swift. His signing was most rocambolesco. After leaving the Ajax by disagreements with Johan Cruyff, It was signed by 400 million pesetas by the Sporting Lisbon. But nevertheless, It not get to make debut with Benfica since there were problems with documentation and had to find an assignment for not being 6 standing months. That's where the Real Zaragoza He went faster than anyone and could take over its services.

The problem was that got injured and it took 3 weeks to be ready to debut. At last, a 20 March 1988 (with Failures freshly burned) moneybags He jumped to the lawn Mestalla (at that time Luis Casanova) with the 10 his back on the red shirt Real Zaragoza to display their good football making a clear victory 1-3 and actively participating in the offensive play of his new team.

Yet the thing did not have much continuity and Real Zaragoza He continued to show extremely irregular the 11 last days of this league 1987-1988 and he ended in a discreet thirteenth position in qualifying.

moneybags He packed his bags and went to Milan where he was part of one of the best teams in recent memory masterfully directed by Arrigo Sacchi.

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