The origin of the shirt with red trim Rayo Vallecano

The origin of the shirt with red trim Rayo Vallecano
One of the formations Rayo Vallecano (Photo: Vallecano Ray

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Over the years one gets used colors and the uniforms of the football teams. But nevertheless, some of us like to explore why teams dress in one way or another. Today we are going to tell the story of an endearing shirt Spanish soccer club, Rayo Vallecano.

To start should be put in context. The Vallecano Ray It was founded in 1924 and initially he dressed completely in white, from the tee to the middle including pants. It was in 1948 when the team Vallecas, I had financial difficulties, He met with executives Atletico Madrid. It was a meeting to try to reach a collaboration agreement between both entities.

The agreement was reached and the mattress gave several of his players to set Vallecano. yes, They demanded his neighbors that included some red detail their equipment to stop being all white. maybe too similar to that of Real Madrid.

origin of the stripe on the Rayo shirt
The red stripe on the Rayo Vallecano shirt is a fundamental part of the identity of the Vallecas club. PHOTO:

The origin of the red stripe on the Rayo Vallecano shirt

It was then that the directive rayista decided to include the red stripe on his shirt, motivated by a club, by then, It was considered one of the most important worldwide and had quality players: River Plate Argentina counted, for example, with Alfredo Di Stefano in their ranks. At that time the European T-shirts were striped or solid, so including the red stripe was a novelty.

The collaboration agreement between the Atletico Madrid and the Vallecano Ray It only lasted a year, so the de Vallecas could return to their initial completely white luggage. But nevertheless, it was decided to keep the red stripe on the shirt. This is how the Rayo Vallecano kit that we all know was born.

The only River-Rayo in history

It was then that River Plate He came to play a match against Real Madrid in 1953 al Santiago Bernabeu and some rayistas executives gave a picture of his team as a token of admiration for the team of Buenos Aires. The gesture was offset by the gift of a complete set of shirts, pants, stockings and boots Argentine club, true to his nickname millionaires, He handed the Madrid no longer left the band to this day.

Anecdotally, It say only has been playing a River Plate-Rayo Vallecano in all history. It was in 1978 at Trofeo Villa de Madrid also they played the Derby County Y Atletico Madrid. The tournament was eventually led the Argentine team that beat Rayo by 1-0 and in the end he did the same against the mattress team.



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