“your idol, our recogepelotas”

“your idol, our recogepelotas”
Raul with Manolo, Atletico Madrid striker (As)

no details, small decisions in life, that can change history. We are tired of seeing and hearing interviews big movie stars, sport or successful entrepreneurs who tell us how they started, the moment he came up with a brilliant idea or stroke of fortune changed his life. Today we will discuss recogepelotas who became professionals.

World football, like is logic, It is not exempt from these stories. As we in a previous article, Raul Gonzalez Blanco triumphed in the quarry Atletico Madrid and everything pointed to that would become a benchmark in the history of the mattress set. But nevertheless, a decision of Jesus Gil, which it eliminated rojiblancas lower grades when the promising young militated in them, It caused the boy had to change sides.

Raul Gonzalez

There are several photos that you can see Raul wearing the shirt of that in the future would rival. In fact, the boy who was inflated to score goals ball boy at the Vicente Calderon on numerous occasions and appeared on television shows of the time as the highest scorer Atletico.

The only consolation found athletic fans when they saw the star of his maximum rival merengue had goals for the club, He is winning titles and countless derbies decided it was resorting to the hackneyed phrase: “your idol, our recogepelotas”.

Which for many seasons he wore the mythical '7’ of the Real Madrid dressed white shirt in more than 850 official matches in all competitions and scored almost 400 goals as Madrid.

His career spanned in Germany where he also became the idol of the fans Schalke 04 and still he had time to retire it big in the United States winning the NASL with the New York Cosmos.

Pep Guardiola

In case of Raul, as regards recogepelotas start to reach the elite and become a historic player, It is not unique. Another who began photographing with their idols flush of grass is Pep Guardiola, It is appearing in numerous photographs of the Barça of 80. Shortly thereafter he has the opportunity to reach the first team hand Johan Cruyff and become what has been arguably the greatest coach in club history.

Guardiola recogepelotas
Pep Guardiola when he was recogepelotas of FC Barcelona with Victor Muñoz

Iago Aspas

another legend, in this case Celta Vigo, He was in the band Balaídos before becoming idol of the celestial hobby. Iago Aspas It was a regular on the club matches his whole life, In the picture we can see a meeting between the Vigo set and Rome.

Iago Aspas
Iago Aspas, recogepelotas of Celta (very heavenly)


Croatian Mateo Kovacic before becoming professional and international football for his country he had his first experiences with their idols. In the picture we see when serving as ball boy at Dinamo de Zagreb trying to get the shirt of the captain of the Liverpool, Steven Gerrard.

Mateo Kovacic
Mateo Kovacic child with Steven Gerrard (Sportskeeda)


By last, but not least, also it became a viral image that embraced recogepelotas a myth of RCD Espanyol as Raul Tamudo to celebrate a goal set in parakeet Montjuic. Your name, Gerard Moreno, that later would also reference in the Catalan team.

Gerard Moreno recogepelotas
Gerard Moreno Raul Tamudo his idol embracing in Montjuic Stadium (Train Perica)

another illustrious, in this case tennis, is one such Roger Federer also he started doing this work in his native Switzerland to see their idols to door. Given these examples we can only draw a conclusion or moral: care for their ball boy.



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