The goal Ronaldo Nazario to Compostela

The goal Ronaldo Nazario to Compostela
Ronaldo Nazario scored one of the most famous goals in the history of Laliga. Photo: The world

It all happened in just 10 seconds. The ball reached Ronaldo in the center of the field surrounded by players Compostela. Brazilian striker, newly signed by FC Barcelona this summer 2.500 million pesetas, He endured the entry of two Galician players, agarrón included, It started with a huge power towards the opponent's area, he dribbled past two defenders more, seeping between, and falling to the ground finished off the back of the net.

In the band, Bobby Robson, coach Barça, he lay hands on head. In the stands, the crowd applauded. The public was aware that we were before the goal of the season and, After so many years, one of the best goals ever. There was a 12 October 1996 at San Lazaro Stadium.

Brazilian striker ended the season as top scorer with 34 goals, an impressive figure that today we're used to seeing with Messi and the other Ronaldo (Cristiano), but at that time it was nothing ordinary. Behind, Alfonso (Real Betis) with 25 Y Suker (Real Madrid) with 24, They could not overshadow.

Hugo Sanchez's record

In fact, at times it was thought that Ronaldo could beat Hugo Sanchez's record I had managed to score 38 in the campaign 1989-1990 with T Real Madrid but finally she fell in four less.

curiously, that Barça He not managed to be champion. What was the Real Madrid of Fabio Capello, with 92 points, two more than the Catalans. yes, those of Robson They managed to score 102 goals, especially thanks to the help of ‘O Fenomeno’ who impressed on his debut in Spain.

I was almost starting his career and, both this season as the following, there were many goals scored by the one who is considered one of the best strikers in the history but, definitely, the Ronaldo goal Compostela scored in the stadium Saint Lazarus It is one of the best we come to mind.



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