Great players who never won a league

Great players who never won a league
Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard, two of the greats who never won a league title in his career (Whoateallthepies)

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Recently we made a list of 15 big stars who never won the Champions League. In this article we will focus on selecting great players who They never won a league. They are quite striking cases because they were part of magnificent clubs and have major titles under his belt.


Gerrard Slip
Steven Gerrard (Getty Images)

The case of the great captain Liverpool It is one of the most amazing. He developed almost all of his career in his lifelong club and is a legend red. He won other trophies, including Champions League, but nevertheless, If large thorn is not having raised any Premier League.

To top, an inopportune slip his in a match against Chelsea was key to the title will fly Anfield in favor of blues. He hung up his boots in the MLS US becoming one of the great players who never won a league.


They never won a league
Fernando Torres (Brand)

myth Atletico Madrid. He emigrated to England to enlist in the ranks of Liverpool where he agreed precisely with Steven Gerrard. He was champion Champions League and also triumphed with the Spanish part of that legendary group raised 2 European Championships and World.

Although he wore the shirt of big clubs such as those mentioned Atletico Madrid Y Liverpool as well as other Chelsea O AC Milan, where he managed major titles, neither she got any league throughout his career.


They never won a league
Gary Lineker in his time at FC Barcelona (Brand)

Another curious case. Gary Lineker highlighted in England where he wore shirts like the Leicester, Everton and the Tottenham. further, He defended during 3 seasons colors FC Barcelona and of course it was international with England. But nevertheless, is another who hung up his boots in the ranks of Nagoya Grampus Japanese going to join the list of the greats who never won a league.


Djorkaeff (

He played in big European clubs like Monaco, PSG Inter Milan. Got a UEFA Cup and one Recopa. He also triumphed with France getting a world and one Euro. But nevertheless, Djorkaeff He not raised any league title during his successful career as a footballer.



Enrique Castro Quini
Quini in its stage in the club (The confidential)

Another football legend. He defended the colors of Best Sporting history he became runner-up league and compete one on one with the big Spain. further, juice 4 seasons in FC Barcelona where he won 2 Copas del Rey, 1 League Cup, 1 And Supercopa of Spain 1 Cup Winners Cup. further, It was Pichichi First Division 5 occasions. He lacked a League.

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