5 great stars of PC Soccer who were not really so

5 great stars of PC Soccer who were not really so
Andrei Kanchelskis, PC Soccer Legend (Brand)

The PC Football is, without a doubt, the video game that marked our lives. With him we spend hours and hours in front of the computer playing at being a coach or, even, president of a very humble team that we made champion of Europe in a short time.

To achieve our goal, it was advisable to sign the best footballers in the world. But nevertheless, the mythical game database, sometimes, exaggerated the level of some players who, of course, they were much better at PC Football than they became in reality. We review some examples that, surely, fans of the saga will remember:


One of the footballers for whom the players of the PC Football 4.0 era Andrei Kanchelskis. The Russian footballer had a very good average but, also, had the maximum speed that the game granted (99). evidently, if your thing was to play the games instead of giving the result directly, was your man.

The reality was not so spectacular for Kanchelskis, yes, He belonged to the legendary Manchester United squad of the years 90 with Alex Fergurson on the bench with a pretty good performance. He also played for teams like Everton, Fiorentina, Glasgow Rangers or Manchester City among others.


The fact of doing the preseason with the Barca de Louis Van Gaal with only 15 years caused the creators of the PC Football go a little crazy with him. His average was also very good and his breakneck speed.

But nevertheless, the harsh reality was very different for the footballer raised in La Masía. After several years in the Barcelona subsidiary and one of a couple of assignments to Terrassa and Cádiz, both from Second Division, he packed his bags and played for teams like Vitesse, Mainz 05 one he Olympiacos with little success.

Babangida PC Soccer
Babangida did the preseason with FC Barcelona as a child (The Athletic)


Another of the footballers who appeared on the market a few days after starting a league in the PC Football At a price of 1.200 million pesetas. He was a complete star and the truth is that he was worth every last peseta because, in the case of achieving his signing, it guaranteed you a lot of goals.

His career in real life was not bad at all. It exploded in the Nottingham Forrest with 22 goals in the Premier League and that helped him sign for Liverpool. At Anfield he signed a couple of good campaigns but little by little it was diluted. ended up in the Real Oviedo where he hardly played after going through Aston Villa, Leicester o Bradford.

collymore real oviedo
Stan Collymore's time at Real Oviedo was a real failure (Colgadosporelfutbol.com)


The kids who played the PC Football 4.0 in the years 90 we met this striker in the video game before in real life. He was one of the best scorers in Brazil and his 'virtual performance’ it was most acceptable. The only drawback to undertake his signing was that he occupied a place as a foreigner and, by then, we were only allowed to have three on the field.

As far as real footballer is concerned, Tullius was top scorer in the brazilian league 1989, 1994 Y 1995. But nevertheless, he never made the leap to a big European club.


Another footballer who enjoyed a very high average in the PC Football and that assured goals. The truth is that the Swedish player, who was part of a good Gothenburg in the years 90 and wore the shirt of big clubs like AC Milan, Parma, Manchester United o Everton, never got as good as in the video game.

yes, was one of the members of the mythical selection of Sweden who finished third in the World US 1994. But nevertheless, barely participated in a game.

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