Some historical anecdotes you might not know Mestalla

Some historical anecdotes you might not know Mestalla
Photo of Mestalla in the years 40, in the post-Spanish civil war. Photo:

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Mestalla, the temple of valencianistas, the place where fans of Valencia CF enjoy and also suffer with the team of their soul. Today is a coliseum over 50.000 spectators is waiting for a generational shift for the new stadium in Cortes Valencianas, whose construction began more than a decade ago and is currently on hold. We remember some historical anecdotes of Mestalla that you may not know.

The Valencian fiefdom was built in 1923 and for many decades it was surrounded by fields, ditches and full of cattle (from here came the nickname that the Levante gave their neighbor). The ditch of Mestalla gave name to the stadium. Before this, Valencia played their matches in the field of Algirós.


The stadium of Mestalla survived great misfortunes. Like the city of Valencia, the Valencian Coliseum suffered serious attacks during the Civil War. And if that was not enough, the Great Flood of the Turia River of 1957 it also affected him badly. But nevertheless, there it is still standing and stronger than ever in the XXI century.

Of 1969 up to half of the 90 stopped calling Mestalla to become the Luis Casanova. In fact many of us knew him by that name. In the end, in 1994, regained its original name, something that the youngest and the new generations who have not lived it perhaps did not know.

Mestalla has hosted ten Cup finals. The first was played in 1926 and the last one, in 2014. It was also the stage where the matches of Spain in the first phase of World 1982 held in our country as well as several meetings of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games in which the Spanish team managed to hang gold medal.


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