Billiards: “What the fuck do I care about the other? ¡Pen, pen!”

Billiards: “What the fuck do I care about the other? ¡Pen, pen!”
Bilardo trained Sevilla in two stages. First in season 92-93 and subsequently 4 parties in the 96-97

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Unforgettable anecdote the one that left us the season 1992-1993, of Billiards Y Maradona as coach and player of the Sevilla respectively. Precisely, both were the protagonists of the play that we remember today.

A very important game was being played between Deportivo La Coruna and the Sevilla in Riazor. A real great game considering that they faced the local team, competition leader, and a team like the Spaniard who arrived classified in sixth position with the sole objective that campaign of qualifying to play European competition.

In a set of the party, Diego Armando Maradona unintentionally he struck his foot in the face of Ribera, defense of Dépor, that started to bleed. At that moment, Sevilla's masseur jumped onto the pitch to attend, At first, to the Argentine star, but in view of the fact that the one who was bleeding ostensibly was the Galician player, he did not hesitate to attend to him.

Colorado's are ours!”

It was then that the cameras of 'The day after’ from Canal + captured the reaction of the Sevilla coach Billiards, that he was indignant at what his eyes saw: “Sunday!, Sunday! Those of Colorado!, Colorado's are ours! Referring to the Nervión team jersey. Argentine coach, seeing that the toilet ignored his words, he got mad and that's when he released the phrase that went down in history: “What the fuck do I care about the other?, ¡pisarlo! ¡pisarlo!”

That season did not end well for the team from Seville, who finished seventh and failed to qualify for the UEFA Cup. So much Billiards as Diego Armando Maradona They left the team but the Argentine coach left us with this sporting act, nothing to remember. Unfortunately, This was not the first unsportsmanlike gesture carried out by the Argentine coach.


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