Why had Mestalla Stadium green seats behind the goals?

Why had Mestalla Stadium green seats behind the goals?
So the Luis Casanova looked in years 80 and 90.En the green image chairs one of the funds are well appreciated (Healthupdates.info)

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Mestalla Stadium It is the temblo of valencianismo. It was inaugurated 20 May 1923 so it is one of the oldest stadiums in Spain. Throughout history they have lived many anecdotes in the Valencian stadium. Today we will talk about a curiosity that perhaps many Valencia fans do not know: Why the seats of the two funds were for many years green?

Mestalla, which for many years it was known as Luis Casanova, He has undergone major changes over many years of life. There have been several renovations and expansions that have been taking place, as it explained very well in this article.

As we say, over the years 1969 Y 1994, the house was renamed valencianistas Luis Casanova in honor of one of the great presidents who have had the entity. It is during this stage he reached the club one of the best players in its history, the Argentinian Mario Kempes, which will have a key role in the green seats as explained below.


With 'The matador’ in their ranks, Valencia gets important titles like the King's Cup 1979 Real Madrid won at Vicente Calderón with two goals Kempes, the Recopa achieved in the penalty shootout against Arsenal and Supercopa of Europe against el Nottingham Forest, both in 1980.

Returning to the subject that concerns us in this article. The oldest and faithful to Mestalla during the 80 Y 90 You remember that funds stadium, behind both goals, the seats were green. This, far from what one might think, It was not the result of chance. further, quite attracted attention as the rest of the field had white seats.

Apparently, the goal was none other than visually define the goal. Somehow, He sought it much easier to aim because with a white net, white posts and seats of the same color was much more complicated. By all accounts, It was self Kempes which gave the idea and, as is logical since not said any, I was taken into account and held.

Precisely in the party that faced the Valencia y al PSV and he served as a farewell tribute to Argentine idol, You can perfectly appreciate this fact. Anecdotally say that at that time played in the Dutch side a Brazilian youth named Romario, It sounded hard as possible reinforcement for Valencia and he ended up playing in the stadium Mestalla, yes, after passing through the FC Barcelona.

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