The Bosman ruling, money from TV, las SAD… the beginning of the end of football

The Bosman ruling, money from TV, las SAD… the beginning of the end of football
The Bosman Law was a before and after in the history of European and world football (Photo: Brand Cover)

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The Ley Bosman marked a before and after in world football. Today we will discuss the history of this modest player which case represented a major earthquake that produced a domino effect on all clubs, European and the rest of the planet.

Jean-Marc Bosman It was a Belgian footballer who played in the RFC de Lieja. In 1990 The club offered a renewal offer very low that the player rejected. However, and despite ending contract (the legislation was not like today), far from letting him go to another club team demanded money to let him go. Like is logic, this attitude angered Bosman who filed a lawsuit against his club after he set it aside template.

The footballer's lawyers defended the free movement of European workers within the Union. After 5 long years of struggle, the Court of Justice of the European Union based in Luxembourg issued judgment declaring transfer compensation and quotas for foreigners when applied to citizens of the European Union.

The League of Stars

Like is logic, the sentence caused a stir. It was in next season 1996-1997 when there was a real revolution at the time of signing by the top clubs. The Spanish League was a clear example of this. It went from just 90 foreign to almost 200 and competition was christened 'La Liga de las Estrellas'.

Madness came to television stations which began offering lucrative contracts to clubs (something that led to the ruin of many years later). And if that was not enough, said clubs began to become real businesses beginning a massive conversion Sports Corporations (SAD), both First and Second Division.

The earthquake 'Bosman case’ He continued in the following seasons and has continued to the present day. Before, templates Spanish teams could only have 3 O 4 foreign (single 3 They could be part of 11 initial). With that sentence 1995, cracks como Luis Figo, Michael Laudrup, Clarence Seedorf and many were no longer foreigners.

All this also influenced, As we mentioned earlier, the other leagues. Without going further, Argentine players, Brazilian and other South American countries left their old teams training, weakening their clubs of origin they could not hold them in any way. In the same way, leagues like the French, Portuguese or Dutch also were losing weight on the continental scene as his best players were recruited by Spanish teams, English and Italian and had no problems with foreigners quota.

What Happened to the Man Who Promoted the Bosman Act?

The man who changed European football with his law did not fare well after all this. His football career did not take off, it even ended prematurely. In the heat of controversy, no team wanted to sign him. Plus his personal life fell apart. Got divorced, ended up destitute, had to go live in his parents' garage, had problems with alcohol and was even convicted of assaulting a girlfriend he had and her daughter. A bad ending for a man who changed soccer as we know it.


In our twitter account we launched a survey that involved more than 1.300 people who were questioned by what was the main cause of the current state of modern football: the Ley Bosman, money from TV of forest SAD. Of course, We also provided the option to those who are satisfied with the current model. These were the results:


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