Comparison between Bwin vs. Bet365

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Comparison between Bwin vs. Bet365
Comparison between Bwin vs. Bet365

Next I show you my comparison on this pair of leading bookmakers in Spain and the one that in my opinion, is the best.

Welcome bonuses Bwin or Bet365 Here I tell you which one is better!

We know that one of the main and most effective strategies for engaging new players, that they put on the game table, online bookmakers are definitely, welcome bonuses. Bwin and Bet365 have a very attractive offer that I will explain to you with their points for and against. I have already chosen my favorite, but in any case, here I leave you the information, as the meme says: they are data and you have to give them.

Bwin gives you a double bonus of up to € 200 welcome. Yes, Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, formerly known simply as offers you two bonuses equivalent to 100% of the amount you deposit for the first and second time. The minimum amount is € 10 and the maximum is up to € 150 on the first deposit and from € 10 to € 50 on the second deposit. Go, that it is not with the intention of speaking from the elbows, but it is quite attractive that the welcome bonus is double.

Bet365 on the other hand, has a deposit bonus that gives up to € 100 to new players on its platform, also delivering the 100% of the amount you have decided to deposit in your first deposit. In this case, you can deposit from € 5 and up to € 100. Good, from here on, topics such as the conditions of this voucher and time to request it (30 days) They are almost the same in both Bwin and Bet365. So the most important, I've already told you.

If I had to qualify as 1 a 5 each of these two bookmakers for the welcome bonuses they offer to new customers, being 1 the lowest rating and 5 the highest; I would say without hesitation that Bwin has a 5 and Bet365 barely 2. Wish this UK based sportsbook, get started and update your welcome offers, well what they offer, is what used to be offered until last year. Time passes and innovation must begin.

Odds at Bwin vs Bet365 for major sporting events. Bwin, the winner

Comparatively speaking, I have no doubt that Bwin is the bookmaker with the best sports betting odds. Although Bwin and Bet365 offer practically the same possibilities in sports and the odds can vary by just one or two points, if it is in your plans to test forecasts in more than one sporting event, you will see that adding fees, Bwin delivers a better profit.

Without necessarily being specialists in a specific sport. in the battle between Bwin vs Bet365 they show the player, a fairly wide panorama with the main tournaments and leagues in the world. In soocer, perhaps the most popular sport on the planet, It is easy to find outstanding competitions such as the Champions League or the UEFA Europa League and others specific to the Spanish market such as La Liga in Spain in both the first and second divisions.

In terms of fees, I'm going to give you an example of what they offer Bwin vs. Bet365 for the first division of La Liga and for the Champions League. In the latter Bwin gives Manchester City 2.75 and Bet365 2.70, now although it may sound like rain on wet, Bwin gives Athletic Club in the First Division of La Liga, installments between 2,30 Y 2.36 unlike Bet365, fall 2.29. Athletic is the winter champion in this tournament, but both Real Madrid and Barcelona are on the lookout and can give surprises that both you and other players, they would be willing to take advantage with better odds.

If maybe you plan to bet on more than one sporting event, in the equation Bwin vs Bet365, my recommended house is Bwin. If on the other hand, you prefer to go to the fixed in a game, race or other type of competition, Bet365 can be very useful since for one or a maximum of two bets, the fees do not vary much or represent a significant profit or loss.

However, there is a very interesting topic between Bwin vs Bet365 and that has to do with one of the aspects for which, in an eventual rating of 1 a 5 for each website, Bwin would take a 4 and Bet365 would keep the 2 that I gave him in the welcome bonus section.

It is about the ease with which a player can go to the tip notes while already on the odds board.. Bwin has a direct link to the predictions of each popular competition, for example, The Spanish League, located right at the bottom of the quota box, something that without a doubt, makes life much easier for those looking to bet to win.

Other bonuses in the fight between Bwin vs Bet365

If you already have an account in one of these two bookmakers: Bwin on Bet365, you will like to know that both offer other promotions and bonuses for you. This time, I'm going to tip my comparative scale towards Bet365.

While Bwin offers close to 19 bonuses only on sports bets; Bet365 has a much broader portfolio of bonds that covers not only sporting events such as football, horses, greyhounds, basketball or tennis, but also, design 11 "Special offers" in which your customers will have the opportunity to bet with very seductive winnings.

So, in my rating of 1 a 5, being 1 the lowest and 5 the highest, Bet365 takes a 5 and bwin a 2.

Bwin or Bet365 additional features on their online platforms

User experience - Bwin wins

The truth is that this platform in addition to loading super fast, delivers the information n in a very clear way. The user experience is extremely friendly and it is very easy both to navigate, how to find information.

Bets at stake - Bwin wins

My main argument in this case, It is based on the comparative analysis that I showed you above, when I referred to the odds that Bwin vs Bet365 handle. I would just add that the Bwin portal also, includes very clear icons for all bets, a detail that Bet365 seems to forget.

Live broadcasts - Bwin wins

It might appear that in the game Bwin vs Bet365, the latter has everything to lose. But it is not necessarily so, what happens, is that despite having a service that knows the online gambling market, They have a platform that takes time to load on computers and not to mention mobile devices. So on live broadcasts, Bwin is much faster and that is why it would take a 5 rating while Bet365 would reach the 3.

Mobile app – Bet365 gana

Bwin on Bet365: both Apps work on Andorid and IOS, Nevertheless, the Bet365 App has much more information, something that beats the excellent design of the Bwin App. One aspect in favor for which this bookmaker takes a 5 in my grade, is the fact that it is available in almost 20 Languages.

Cash withdrawal - Bet365 wins

Withdrawing your money from Bwin vs Bet365 is possible and it is quite simple on both platforms. In the case of Bwin you must go to your game account, select "withdrawal" choose the means of payment as well as the amount to withdraw and confirm the transaction.

In the case of Bet365 you must go to the option "Services" and then "Withdraw", There you must choose the payment method and then click on "Make withdrawal". The reason I give Bet365 a score of 5 on 4 of Bwin in this aspect, it is because this platform offers nine payment methods while Bwin, just seven.

Bwin vs Bet365: a summary Which operator to choose and why?

In conclusion and to be frank, I really enjoyed doing this comparison to decide between Bwin or Bet365. It was easy and very fast to lean towards the first bookmaker. The main reasons were the interface design, user experience, fast loading of information and ease of finding information.

However, if we talk more about fees, diversity of betting alternatives and clarity on what the betting process itself entails, Well, my favorite is Bwin again. While Bet365 has done a great job establishing itself as one of the largest bookmakers in the world, with a presence all over the world and more than 35 millions of customers who follow your games online, slot machines and live streams, I consider that it should improve aspects such as design and above all, browsing speed on computers.

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