When the FC Barcelona down to Second Division

When the FC Barcelona down to Second Division
FC Barcelona training season 1933-1934 (Photo: equiposdefutbol2.blogspot.com.es)

When we are young and we aficionamos football, one of the first things we usually learn is that there are three teams in Spain have always played in First Division: The real Madrid, the FC Barcelona and the Athletic Club de Bilbao. And this statement, indeed, It is irrefutable. But nevertheless, there was once FC Barcelona descended to Second Y, Nonetheless, the following season played in First. We tell you.

A new season was played National League Championship recently created. Specifically, We traveled to the campaign 1933-1934. The Barça going through one of its greatest sporting crisis as both economic and had nothing to do with the club is today. He is having won the first League history (In the season 1928-1929) had remained among the top four following four.

When Barcelona was relegated to the Second Division

But nevertheless, which concerns us was a fateful campaign for the Catalan side who lost every game he played as a visitor (9) besides one home. The last day arrival, the Catalans visited the Real Betis who won 1-0 sending the Catalans to the Second Division since He was 9th in a league 10 teams. Luck for the Blaugrana is that the league decided to make an extension of the first category and not Barça (penultimate) ni Arenas de Getxo (latest) They declined.

They won promotion that season to Atletico Madrid and the Sevilla, and the First Division went on to have 12 teams instead of 10 I had until then. The Barça He managed to maintain the category and from there began to grow into the giant that it is and has been throughout most of its history, but nevertheless, from a purely technical point of view, FC Barcelona went down to Second Division once. Was a 4 March 1934 in the field of Real Betis.


7 thoughts on “When the FC Barcelona down to Second Division

  1. Uncle, at 34 format still remained descent of the last classified, He was one that descended, not two.
    Eh double check before writing.

  2. Assuming that at that time the league was ten teams, and just down the last, be involved ninth remain in first division, that is, keep the category.
    So, FC Barcelona has never fallen to second. Although the category that year was extended to 12 equipment was expanding promotions, as it has always been done, by the way.
    If you want to make a story about almost descents Barca, leave the season 39-40, where he was saved from burning in the last days, one to 41-42, in which it was almost all downhill and the end was saved promoting permanency playing against Real Murcia.

    1. better report in those years the last two were relegated but by magic no one relegated barcelona was penultimate it should have relegated and did not descend they invented the idea of ​​increasing teams so that barcelona does not descend.

      1. I am a madridista, but I like the truth even if it doesn't suit me. It is true that Barcelona finished penultimate but it is also true that only one team was relegated. You can look at the previous season and you will see that Valencia fell, nobody else. The previous one touched him to the Union of Irun, just a descent. In the years 40 Barsa again flirted with relegation and came to play promotion against Murcia, if I remember correctly. regards.

  3. Do you expect a lie told a thousand times to become the truth?? in the leagues of 10 team, how was that season, only the last classified descended. The only team that was saved from being relegated by the increase to 12 teams was Arenas de Getxo. stop manipulating, merengones.

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