The best player from every decade

The best player from every decade
Like all the players on this list are many people who believe that this is the best ever exist. Pele is a football legend, both the club of his life, Santos, as Brazil. Only player capable of winning 3 world

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As usually happens whenever we make such lists who will disagree. Since we are not able to agree on Who was the best player in history, this time we will try to pick the best player from every decade. Like is logic, we have to be somewhat flexible with dates because some players had great seasons in two decades.

RICARDO ZAMORA (1920-1930)

Ricardo Zamora
For many, the first media footballer of all time. The Spanish goalkeeper is a legend. Teams like RCD Espanyol, Barcelona and Madrid were lucky to have Zamora in their ranks (GQ magazine)


Giuseppe Meazza
World Champion on two consecutive occasions with Italy (1934 Y 1938). Captain of the national team and legend of Inter Milan where he played 13 seasons. He also played in the ranks of the eternal rival, el AC Milan. Not in vain, their stadium is named after them (FIFA.COM)


best footballer of every decade
Englishman Stanley Matthews had a very long career. It was the first golden ball in history in the year 1956. Between 1932 Y 1947 wore the Stoke City jersey. Raced at two World Cups with England. He hung his boots on 1965 to the 50 year old (Wikipedia)

DI STEFANO (1950-1960)

The best player from every decade
a legend. For some the best footballer of all time. It was the first major soccer star in 50 Y 60 He is leading Real Madrid who dominated Europe (Photo: Revistagq)

SKIN (1960-1970)

Pele Santos
Like all the players on this list are many people who believe that this is the best ever exist. Pele is a football legend, both the club of his life, Santos, as Brazil. Only player capable of winning 3 world (1958, 1962 Y 1970)

JOHAN CRUYFF (1970-1980)

The best player from every decade
Definitely, the man who changed football. Champion three European Cups with Ajax, undisputed leader 'The Oranje’ and Barca star as both player and coach. Best 70 safe.

MARADONA (1980-1990)

Best player of the decade
Choose the best player of the decade of the 80 It is no simple task. Diego Armando Maradona, Boca Juniors legend and of course Argentina. He made the leap to Europe to play for FC Barcelona and later in Napoli where he won two league titles among other titles


Ronaldo Inter
The decade of the 90 is, surely, the most difficult to choose a single footballer. This time we chose Ronaldo Nazario who surprised the world with his power, Dodge and spectacular goals in PSV, Barça, Inter and Real Madrid in addition to the Brazilian national team with former world champion 1994 Y 2002 and finalist in 1998 (Photo: 25media)

Zinedine Zidane (2000-2010)

Footballer of each decade
Zinedine Zidane ruled the football world in the late 90 (It was world champion with France in 1998) and the first half of the 2000. Juventus and Real Madrid were their clubs at that time. His last game was the World Cup final 2006 France lost against Italy. Another who stood out during these first years of the 21st century was the great Ronaldinho Gaucho.

Lionel Messi (2010-2020)

Best player of the decade
The duel between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, definitely, history of football is forever. But nevertheless, if we can only choose the best of the decade, we have to opt for the Argentine who just needs to put the icing on his career by winning a title with Argentina since the club has won absolutely everything (FC Barcelona)

Like is logic, countless real good players we are left out of this list, but we can not forget that only the best footballer in the corresponding decade (in our opinion) may appear.

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11 thoughts on “The best player from every decade

  1. The best 70Y 80 was Ricardo Bochini. Winner of 4 liberators,2 intercontinental,1 glass of the Inter-American world.4. 5 National championships. All others are filled.

  2. I do not agree with maradona,,It may not be the best of the decade,a player who played two finals of the world and none scored a goal-s and nowhere was the best final,, In addition he was cast in the Barsa,and as if that were not enough in his first world with 22years he was ejected and had an embarrassing performance and its last world,,they withdrew from the same by doping,,, impossible the best of the decade,,,Now that's the best business in the world of football.

  3. You are right, Cruyff what is debatable because, although sensational, It was not the world champion and hard bit over the top. A Bocha, although champion in '78, little was seen in that tournament. He was a mountruo but we would say more than for standard equipment, and great. What if, I liked everything created, or invented, a whole crack…It was a treat to see him on TV!…sometimes delayed and we did not lose to see the Libertadores Independiente!…dominant, as it once was Estudiantes de la Plata. How funny, privileged and carefree childhood I had!
    Was the desire also to all the kids of the world, Congratulations!

  4. and if they gave you the 10 of the tmbn selection he got one or two titles…plus the one of the 86. great player and strategist.

  5. Really what these players meant goes beyond scoring goals or playing finals. These players changed soccer, They were advanced and their influence made this sport change and reinvent itself. Di Stefano was, According to many, the first modern player in history, Cruyff was the leader of a team (Holland) who reinvented total soccer, Maradona was a true artist who gave light in the 80. There are many greats in each decade but these I think are the best.

  6. For me the best player of 1940 in 1950, it was Arsenio Erico,the Paraguayan of gold,what he played in Independiente de Avellaneda in Argentina,the top scorer of Argentine soccer of all time, with 295 goals and 47 goals in a single season,admired and weighted,by Alfredo Diestefano himself.

  7. Arsenio Erico was a great at the end of the 1930s, then an injury affected his career. However, in the 1930's the best for me was Matthias Sindelar.

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