France World Cup 1938, one of the 'rough’ history

France World Cup 1938, one of the 'rough’ history
Ludwig Gold Bruner y Jakob Streitle (bloody) Bayern Munich players back then.

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The France World Cup 1938 It was one of the most atypical of history. The pre-war environment that was before Second World War fully they marked throughout the course of the competition which celebrated its third edition after Uruguay 1930 e Italy 1934.

Of the 15 participating teams only 3 were non-European: Brazil, Cuba (He is participating in his first and only world) e Indonesia. The others 12 They belonged to the old continent. Austria, he had achieved ranking, It was not present because the country had been invaded by Nazi Germany 3 months before the start of the championship.

Several selections were renounced be present in this France World Cup 1938. Uruguay I was clear from the beginning. The fact that 1930 many European teams come to reject their world and Europe's weight in FIFA were the keys. Colombia He acted identically. Meanwhile, Argentina It was another major absences since it was one of the candidates to organize this World 1938. According to GRANDPA, President Jules Rimet He had promised the organization and felt that the choice of France was favored treatment. This was the only absence of the albiceleste in a World Cup in history.

In this context so complicated (We can not forget that Spain He was mired in a Civil war) He began the championship. The format was the same as the previous two: teams had to face a knockout match. If a match ended in a draw should be played 30 minutes of extra time, in case you have not winning another game would be played a day later.

Like is logic, the French public will soon be positioned against Germans and Italians who had a right-wing totalitarian governments. The French won a victory in the second round against Belgium by 3-1 and qualified for quarterfinals. In this first phase he highlighted the match between Brazil Y Poland which he ended with a score of 6-5. Polish footballer Ernest Wilimowski She highlighted with 4 goals becoming the player with the best average scorer in World Cup history since only played that game.


Italy, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Hungary Y Switzerland They also got the pass to quarterfinals. Especially striking was the victory of the Swiss counter Germany. Germans flocked to the event as one of the favorites. They not in vain had achieved third place in publishing 1934 and now had strengthening 9 Austrian players who could not play for his country after the invasion.

The 4 June 1938 Swiss and Germans played the inaugural championship game ended with a tie. In the replay, Switzerland He achieved a great victory 4-2 which he was the first major failure of the German team in a World Cup.

The quarterfinals had its hottest party 14 June 1938. France e Italy they had to face to face with a very hostile atmosphere in the stands. The visitors played the game dressed all in black (symbol of Italian fascism) and they made the Roman salute as their anthem sounded to boos from the local parish. Italy dominated from the start and was higher achieving a great victory 3-1 with two goals Silvio Piola. For the first time the host team was eliminated and would not be the champion.


Hungary He won by 2-0 a Switzerland Y Sweden he endorsed a 8-0 the weak Cuba. Brazil He beats Czechoslovakia by 2-1 in a match that was christened “The Battle of Bordeaux” and had 3 expelled and several injured on both computers.

The semifinals faced Italy Y Brazil in Marseille. For reasons still unknown, Brazil coach left on the bench three of their best players: Leonidas, Tim and Brandao. It is also said that Brazilians had already booked tickets to Paris assuming that they would play the final. This fact, like is logic, He served for Vittorio Pozzo, Italy coach, motivate his players.

Italy He achieved victory against Brazil by 2-1 while Hungary He did the same against Sweden at the Parc des Princes with a blunt marker 5-1. The final between Italian and Hungarian is one of the most memorable because it ended with a marker 4-2 in a thrilling encounter. Two very different styles (Italian defensive rigor against showiness and the Hungarian attack).

Italy champion
Italians celebrate the championship title (Plural)

Although the French fans supported Hungary They failed to recognize the Italian champions and gave them a standing ovation after the match according to the chronicles. Italy also he managed that World Cup in France and got his second championship consecutively.

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  1. Error: Argentina was absent from the World Cups 1950, 1954 Y 1970 (in the latter it was eliminated).

  2. Hello, I always read his notes that are spectacular. On this note, they put that Argentina was in the 1938 the only world cup that did not participate. Wrong data since in 1950, 1954 Y 1970 did not participate. Greetings from Argentina

  3. One more correction: the knockout format in the World Cup 1938 was the same as in 1934, but not the one from the first World Cup, in 1930 In uruguay (there was 4 groups of which the first classified to play semifinals and final, no match for third place). Regarding Argentina, it is true that in 1938, 1950 Y 1954 gave up participating even in qualifying, but in 1970 If he did, although it was eliminated by Peru in its qualifying group. And already in the political context of the time, what happened in Austria was technically an annexation and not an invasion, for which several Austrian players became part of the German team (with exceptions sounded like the great Sindelar).

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