The best Spanish goalkeepers in history

The best Spanish goalkeepers in history
In a list of the best goalkeepers in the history Spaniards could not miss Luis Arconada (The vanguard)

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In a previous article elegíamos to the 10 best goalkeepers in football history. This time we will focus on the best Spanish goalkeepers in history. Like is logic, we had to leave us a lot of good out of this list.


The best Spanish goalkeepers
Zamora was one of the first players considered 'media’ history. Myth Espanyol also defended the Barca shirt, Madrid and of course the Spanish selection. He finished his career in the French Nice due to exile by the Civil War (


Ramallets FC Barcelona
Ramallets is a legend of FC Barcelona. Second two seasons with RCD Mallorca and 14 Primera with FC Barcelona. Winner of 5 Zamora trophies Y 5 Suspenders (among other titles) with elastic Catalan (20 minutes)


The best Spanish goalkeepers
In a club like Athletic, with a tradition of great goalkeepers, one stands above all: The Txopo Iribar. 18 seasons in the first Basque team will contemplate. Almost 700 Zamora officials and parties in the campaign 1969-1970. Champion Cups of Spain (The Basque Mail)


The best Spanish goalkeepers
In a list of the best goalkeepers in the history Spaniards could not miss Luis Arconada. The legend of the Royal Society, with which he won two consecutive league plus a Cup and Super Cup, Zamora won three awards in a row. 16 pro seasons all in the txuri-urdin set and full international course with Spain (The vanguard)

Andoni Zubizarreta

Andoni Zubizarreta
Another Basque who sneaks into our list of the best goalkeepers in the history Spanish. Andoni Zubizarreta leads the list players with more matches in Primera Division (all as a starter). champion 6 Suspenders (Athletic and two 4 with Barca ) and a European Cup with FC Barcelona set among many other titles. Zamora in the campaign 1986-1987 and international with Spain 123 occasions (Pinterest)

Francisco Buyo

The best Spanish goalkeepers
Natural Betanzos, Buyo highlighted in the ranks of Deportivo Coruna in Second Division. From there he made the leap to Seville in which he played 6 great seasons which helped him to join Real Madrid where he remained for 11 bells. It is one of the players with most appearances in the top flight of Spanish football. 6 leagues and 2 Zamora trophies in his locker (Photo: Vintage football)

Juan Carlos Ablanedo

Ablanedo II
One of the 'humble’ that sneaks in this list of the best goalkeepers in Spanish history is Juan Carlos Ablanedo. Ablanedo II, as he was known, He spent his entire career in his soul Sporting. Despite his short stature (175 cm) He possessed great agility which helped him earn the nickname 'El Gato'. Three trophies Zamora for him nothing more and nothing less. yes, He had the misfortune to be part of Sporting worst in history who descended in the season 1997-1998 Second Division (La Voz de Asturias)


Cañizares Valencia CF
Canizares Zamora being dazzled everyone with Celta Vigo and a spectacular debut with the Spanish team. But nevertheless, He did not continue in goal for Real Madrid so he packed his bags towards Valencia where he became one of the best Spanish goalkeepers of all time. With 4 Zamora trophies individually and 4 Champions League and as major titles at club level (Photo: Joshua Ferrer)


The best Spanish goalkeepers
If the beginning of the article we talked about Ramallets as one of the myths of FC Barcelona, Victor Valdes is no less. Member of the best club in history He was able to win 5 Zamora trophies (4 of them consecutively) as well as numerous titles (6 leagues and 3 Champions among others). Being a contemporary of Iker Casillas prevented him from having a more prominent role in the Spanish team that won two European Championships and World (Photo: The confidential)


Iker Casillas Spain
For many the best Spanish goalkeeper of all time. Iker Casillas was able to win 5 leagues and 3 Champions Real Madrid as well as being one of the great architects in two European Championships and the World Cup won by Spain in 2008, 2010 Y 2012 (Photo: depose)

What do you think of our list? Are you agree? You can leave your comments at end of article.

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13 thoughts on “The best Spanish goalkeepers in history

  1. I remember Txopo as a child, and his aurea as a great goalkeeper. Of others, I stay with Arconada. The task of these surveys is, who has seen Zamora or Ramallets? How to compare?

  2. If Ablanedo II leaves for 3 zamora trophies, should abel leave, with a world unbeaten record and 3 Copas del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup to his credit. Also Liaño could be worthy of belonging to this, list with the record for least goals conceded (18 next to Oblak) and also of course, Molina is missing from this list, with 1 league 2 Copa del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup to his credit.

  3. Compare 3 zamoras del “Gatu” Ablanendo with an unbeatable streak is comparing winning 3 Leagues with winning a Copa del Rey. Do not be delusional please. And it is not the same to win them in a Sporting (super modest team) that in an At. from Madrid. Say it all. Not only what suits them.

    1. The conclusion I draw, is that in Spain there have always been great goalkeepers, might disagree with some of the ones here, and name others , but all these , definitely , great goalkeepers, of course always in the shadow of the great ARKONADA, one level above all !!! regards

  4. Another historic Athletic Bilbao player is undoubtedly on the list of missing players., This is Gregorio Blasco, with garters, glasses, Zamora and international trophies with the Spanish team

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