The Botellazo Juanito in 'The Battle of Belgrade’

The Botellazo Juanito in 'The Battle of Belgrade’
Juanito on the ground after receiving a bottle tier (Photo: Playground)

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The 30 November 1977 It was played in Belgrade one of the parties happened to the history of Spanish football forever. Yugoslavia Y Spain They played the meeting that the two countries should decide would be present in the World Argentina 1978. That battle had absolutely everything, included the Botellazo Juanito, an action that was forever etched in the memory of the Spanish fans.

As we say, That was more than a football game. Yugoslav President declared a national holiday for the whole country could see that historic duel. The atmosphere was hellish for the Spanish players who suffered a terrible pressure and harassment since they landed on Balkan soil. The small Maracaná’ Belgrade It was packed hours before kick-off with a deafening noise.

The Spanish team and struggled to train as, They counted as some players as coach Kubala and footballer Ruben Cano, to go to the stadium Red Star the lawn was covered. According operators, No one had warned them he had no training scheduled.

Precisely the Argentine-born was one of the major players in that game. In an interview with the newspaper Brand, Ruben Cano he claimed: “Was something terrible, tremendous. we beat, clawing, spit… It is the hardest and nasty game I played in my life. Much more of everything I could live in Argentina”.

The Battle of Belgrade
Initial training of Spain in 'The Battle of Belgrade'. Above: Miguel Angel, Saint Joseph, Marcelino, Pirri, Camacho and Migueli. Down: Ruben Cano, Asensi, Cardeñosa, Leal and Juanito (

The goal of Rubén Cano AND Botellazo A JUANITO

The Spanish team had the unique advantage that he used to win or tie to appear in Argentina ’78. The goal which saw the visitors win came at the minute 71 after what Cardeñosa focus very forced way over the line. The ball finished him off with right leg Ruben Cano crossing the ball into the back of the net.

Soon after came the Botellazo to Juanito. The Spanish player was replaced and before the anger and insults from the home fans gave a gesture with thumb down. That's when a glass bottle struck on his head knocking him to the ground. At times, the Spanish expedition feared the worst and footballer Real Madrid He had to come off the bench. Already in the first part, Pirri, He had been replaced by a terrible injury after entry.

But nevertheless, nor the warlike atmosphere, nor to Botellazo Juanito or hardness (as it were soft) with which were enough local were used to subdue Spain who won a historic victory that allowed him to be present at the finals. A party and images that make us throw up our hands to the head and could hardly be in football today.


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