The only team of Spain won every game in a league

The only team of Spain won every game in a league
CD Orense template in the historic season 1967-1968 (frdprensa)

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Habitual rarely be, but sometimes there are teams that get complete an entire season without losing. Without going further, the Arsenal of 'The Invincibles’, trained by Arsene Wenger, he succeeded in Premier League. But nevertheless, Today we review a case even more amazing. That of the only team in Spain who won all league matches 1967-1968.

The CD Ourense It was the team that completed 'La Liga perfect'. Galician, framed in Group I of Third Division, (at that time there was the Second B), won the 30 games played. Obviously, they finished as champions of their group though, unfortunately for their fans, They did not achieve promotion to the Second Division. After besting the Caudal in the first round of the promotion promotion, fell against Elche CF.

But nevertheless, that historic milestone, which has not been repeated in Spanish football, make it the only team it has achieved a feat of this caliber. That template was run by Fernando Bouso and he was able to also win the first two games of the following season, leaving the record for consecutive wins in 32.

That team managed 98 goals for and only received 7 against. further, He counted in their ranks scorer category, Carballeda, I was able to pierce the goal in 38 occasions.

Record wins and undefeated

Far from this settle, the CD Ourense also it remains in possession of the match unbeaten record Spanish football. The Galician side was 67 fall games without defeat. Since losing against Compostela 3-0, a 5 March 1967, until the next defeat against Oviedo Vetusta, a 20 April 1969. More than two years had to pass before someone managed to beat the orensanos.

Unfortunately, like many other clubs, this CD Orense (later CD Ourense), founded in 1952, He disappeared in the year 2014. From here, our memory for his great feat.

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  1. In the year 68 promotion to the second division was by playoffs. Orense faced C first. D. Condal, no to the flow, and ended up eliminating the Ilicitano, subsidiary of Elche that was then in the first division.

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