When Spain relinquished Euro 1960 It is the favorite

When Spain relinquished Euro 1960 It is the favorite
One of the formations in Spain 1960. Here we note the presence of figures like Di Stéfano, Kubala, Luis Suarez or Gento among others (El Periodico de Catalunya)

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Spain It was the great candidate to take the European Championship 1960, the first in history, then officially named European Nations Cup, in imitation of what is already done in the Americas since 1916, the prestigious Copa America.

For this event organized by the UEFA I had to sign two years before holding the final tournament, scheduled to take place between the 4 Y 10 July 1960 in the French cities of Marseille and Paris, with the end in the Princes Park.

Despite the ban states that the government of General Franco he had made to the various sports federations in terms not participate in any event to take part USSR, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Alfonso de la Fuente, He entered the national team.

No British team was entered in the championship, neither did the Federal Republic of Germany ni Italy. Spain was the favorite for victory in a tournament that, in addition to the Spanish combined, they took part Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Turkey, Norway, Austria, Greece, the Democratic Republic of Germany, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, hosts France and the USSR ....

European Championship 1960: España podía haberla ganado

Spanish favoritism combined was clear, with a much higher than that of the other candidates template: Hungarian, Soviet and hosts France the scorer Fontaine.

Spain had in its ranks with the two best players in the world at the time, Messi and Cristiano of the time: Di Stefano and Kubala. further, had in its ranks the player who had been awarded the Ballon d'Or 1960, the Galician Luis Suarez and which he was considered, almost unanimously, the best left end of Europe, Paco Gento.

And if that was not enough, the team a goalkeeper highest level was added as Ramallets and other players of great quality like the Sol O Collar. And if that was not enough, the club was absolute dominance. The Real Madrid that season had gotten his fifth European Cup and the F.C. Barcelona He had achieved Fairs Cup, más tarde Copa de la UEFA y hoy Europa League.

Spain was, definitely, the team to beat in that European Championship 1960 Y, a priori, It was well above the rest of the participating teams. In the raffle, a Spain he touched Poland to knockout. There were no rival, and the Spanish side won in Warsaw 2 a 4 Madrid and endorsed the move to the next stage by a resounding 3 a 0, short, also, worthiness for a Spanish team could have won by a landslide scandal that prevented the phenomenal performance of the Polish goalkeeper Stefanyszyn.

This passport is valid for all countries of the world, except for Russia and its satellites”

¡Que vienen los rusos!

But a huge problem arises when the quarterfinal, that gave the pass to the semifinals to be played in France, matches to Spain with the USSR. Franco had been clear and meridian prohibiting the participation of the Spanish national team in any competition where they did the Soviet, Spanish passports even the time included a visa which clearly stated that "This passport is valid for all countries of the world, except for Russia and its satellite countries " (exclusive reference to the rest of the constituent republics of the former USSR).

Nevertheless, Spanish coach, Helenio Herrera, He gave the squad for the tie and concentrated to selection to prepare a meeting, the players were convinced, would end up being played: Ramallets, Grace, Segarra, Verges and Eulogio Martínez, From Barcelona, Pachín, marquitos, people, of the sun, Herrera and Di Stefano, Real Madrid, Rivilla, Collar and Peiro, Atletico Madrid, Carmelo and Garay, Athletic Bilbao, Vicente, from Spanish, and Pereda, Sevilla.

The first problem arose regarding disobedience president Spanish Football Federation for having entered the selection in that European Championship 1960 where involved the USSR and that, to be, also, Return party, would fly the Soviet flag in the Spanish stadium where the match will be played (presumably at the Bernabeu) Y, with her would sound the anthem of the USSR, considered an unacceptable affront by the most radical sector of the Franco government.

Ni Franco ni Carrero Blanco cedieron

Nevertheless, the National Delegate of Sports, José Antonio Elola and the President of the Federation, Alfonso de la Fuente, They tried to convince the Minister of the Presidency, the Admiral Carrero Blanco, and the general himself Francisco Franco, the opportunity it would be for Spain defeat an "enemy" selection not only for sporting purposes, and the enormous possibilities that had to get the title of European Champion, with what this level would bring to propaganda for the regime and the country.

Carrero Blanco He was reluctant at all times, but Franco He chose to convene a Council of Ministers to discuss the issue. Five days before the date of first leg, scheduled for 29 of May, said council was held in Barcelona. Once raised the different options, for and against play the game, Ministers voted by show of hands. He won no.

The Spanish team remained focused, finally convinced that a solution would be found, even Di Stefano and Luis Suarez They gave individual interviews, cinched to pure football, as if the game were to be played.

The Spanish Football Federation and self UEFA They tried to negotiate with Carrero Blanco to reach an agreement and that the meeting finally disputed. There was no arrangement, one day before, the day in which the players had to travel to Moscow, each took course to their different locations.

España no se presentó finalmente y ganó la URSS, Even though 4 años después habría venganza

Spain is not present and thereby defeat options they were lost the European Championship 1960 in which they were clear favorites. Later, UEFA tried to find another date for the meeting and agreed that there were no anthems or flags, but it was too late, the Soviet Football Federation I would no longer serve any negotiations.

The Spanish side had not shown up and, so, it was they who had access to the semi-finals, where they defeated Czechoslovakia by 3 a 0 and final, in a Princes Park bursting, a Yugoslavia by 2 a 1, proclaiming themselves champions of the first edition of the Euro.

In Spain, While, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Alfonso de la Fuente He was removed from office and replaced by Benito Pico. curiously, four years later, but they had changed some political situations or other, Spain if he would play the European Championship 1964, a team well below that of 1960, proclaimed champion before the selection of the USSR. Things football and politics.

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