Who is the best player in football history?

Who is the best player in football history?
Skin, Maradona and Cruyff, the three best players in football history (Photo: Golpro)

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Who is the best player ever? The eternal question, the eternal debate. Difficult to answer because it is very difficult to compare players who have played at different times and that many of us have not seen him play.

What is clear is that, regardless of the order, the names that always appear among the best in the history of this sport are often the same.

In the last times, They were added players like Leo Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo They have pulverized all brands individually with records of all kinds, both as regards number of goals scored as individual awards. But nevertheless, we will focus on the players of yesteryear to try to decide who was the best.

Who is the best player in football history?

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The Argentine star is considered by many the best player in the entire history of football. He was able to be crowned world champion Mexico '86 where he did his best football. Its historic match against England in which he scored two goals (He is known as 'The hand of God’ Y The goal of the Century’) She made him go down in history forever. In Europe he played in big teams like FC Barcelona but He highlighted especially in Naples where he won two league titles among other titles. Neapolitan in the city is revered as a God. I participate in 4 world.

Best player ever
Diego Armando Maradona, considered the best player of all time for many (Photo: colgadosporelfútbol.com)


Another that many experts consider the best player ever. Brazilian reinvented football and did things that no one had seen in a field until you saw them do it. He made his debut in a World Cup without complying with the 18 years and he was able to win three World Cups with Brazil throughout his career. It was part of the Brazilian team 1970, considered one of the best teams ever. He scored more than 1.000 goals throughout his career, but nevertheless, Many argue that it can not be considered the best ever because it did not play in Europe. In any case, impossible not to add to this list.

Pele Brazil
Pelé with Brazil shirt (Photo: radiohouse)


Elegance in person. His style, his personality and his way of understanding football did only. He was part of one of the best teams in history, 'The Oranje’, which he was on the verge of achieving World 1974 in Germany against which he lost the final. He triumphed at best Ajax that has existed and later in the FC Barcelona. One of the greatest without doubt.

Johan Cruyff Netherlands
Johan Cruyff with his legendary '14’ back in the orange shirt (Photo: The country)

Of course there have been many players who deserve to be among the candidates. Without going further Alfredo Di Stefano He dominated football in the years 50 and early 60 although he never played a World Cup or the German Franz Beckenbauer, another great of the early 70.

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  1. One thing, Pele won two World, but three. So please correct the errata, and he accomplished something never achieved another player in history.

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