Jesus Gil is alive?

Jesus Gil is alive?
There are many who claim Jesus Gil faked his death to escape justice and has lived all these years in a South American country (The Spanish)

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Throughout the history of mankind are many conspiracy theories and / or urban legends that have been created. There are thousands of testimonials from people who claim to have seen Elvis Presley since it was announced his death 16 August 1977. A much more casposa version (excuse me) and the Spanish is the one that states that Jesus Gil is alive.

It was certainly one of the most extravagant presidents of Spanish football in the early 80 Y 90. Jesus Gil He starred in countless anecdotes and high-sounding declarations both as president of Atletico Madrid as mayor Marbella. Loved by some, hated by others, What is clear is that never left anyone indifferent.


The 14 May 2004, the doctor Mariano Malillos, Clinic Cemtro, appeared before the media to declare that Jesus Gil He had died from a heart attack. A few days before, the maximum rojiblanco president had been admitted to emergency due to an accident cardiovascular. The chapel was located in the Vicente Calderon Stadium and the next day he was buried in the La Almudena cemetery.

From that time began to emerge various rumors about whether Jesus Gil He could have faked his own death. Some say that the pallbearers where supposedly lay the former president went too 'sobrados’ considering that they were carrying more than 100 kilos weight. Others believe the former mayor of Marbella organized everything to escape justice.

Anyway, the case is that the Supreme Court declared him acquitted of the crime of 'Athletic case', in which Jesus Gil He had been accused of misappropriation of Atletico Madrid. Conviction for fraud and simulation contracts, for which he was convicted, He also was terminated because of his death.

If my father had fled to Venezuela and would have returned the country is watching”

In the documentary HBO The Pioneer’, based on the life of Jesus Gil, his eldest son is asked about this matter and jokes: “If my father were in Venezuela and he would have gone as is the country”. But nevertheless, the video that stoked the rumors about the alleged faked death of the protagonist of this article was issued by The sixth in the year 2014.

At, It can be seen as Angel Maria Villar, by then president RFEF, question clearly Miguel Angel Gil Marin, son of Jesus Gil, by your father (allegedly he took 10 dead years). The most surprising thing is that the child, far from correcting Villar replied by lapsus: “Good”.

This Jesus Gil vivo? He is faked his own death to escape justice? The eternal questions, surely, They never have an answer that satisfies everyone.

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