What team was Francisco Franco?

What team was Francisco Franco?
Franco delivery Cup captain of FC Barcelona (Photo: The country)

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One of the things we've all heard is that the Real Madrid achievement his first six European Cups by Franco. But nevertheless, far from what many may believe, There 'evidence’ invite to think that Francisco Franco it could be a sympathizer of other teams and all of them are perfectly likely. In this article we review all options for the reader to draw his own conclusions.

Go ahead that one possibility is that the dictator does not care the least this football, that is to say, like his' buddy’ Mussolini there is the option that Franco and he liked the sport but it is clear that fool had no hair and was knowing that football was gaining ground for bulls and could not afford to pass him and it was perfect to control the masses.

What team was Franco from??

Was it from Real Madrid??

Those who argue that Franco was the Real Madrid, as we said at the beginning of the article, They argue mainly that helped the Merengues with the signing of Alfredo Di Stefano. The Argentine played in the millionaires but it belonged to Colombia River Plate. The FC Barcelona He reached an agreement with the Argentine team while Real Madrid He did with Team Colombia. In theory, the player must play for the Catalans, in fact he traveled to Barcelona and joined the rest of the squad. finally FIFA, They count down as the gossips by the Franco regime, He decided that the striker played 2 years in the Real Madrid and others 2 at Barça, something that did not convince the Blaugrana who retired bid.

Coinciding with the presence of Of Stefano, the Real Madrid He was crowned as the best team Europe getting 6 continental titles, something that helped the dictator to sell a positive image of Spain white being the great champion set the country's progress.

Was it from Barcelona??

But nevertheless, there are insufficient data to those who argue that Franco was the Barça. Without going further, Since completing the Civil war in 1939 until the year 1954, that is to say 15 League editions, the Real Madrid He did not win any. Meanwhile, the FC Barcelona It was the most titles won, specifically 5 league championships. further, in the years 40 the Catalan club went through the worst times in its history especially from the economic point of view.

It looks like, Franco He brokered for them to be reclassified various fields and financed the club to go ahead, aware of the importance of a team like FC Barcelona to keep people entertained with this football. Supposedly the dictator he forgave a debt of about 226 million pesetas by the requalification old Les Corts, He allowed the Catalan club undertake the construction of Camp Nou.

further, As it is said that the Franco regime influenced so that Of Stefano fichara by Real Madrid, It also appears that helped Kubala do it for the Barça. Not forget that the player was from Hungary, country very close to the former USSR, communist country par excellence with what it meant at that time.

Was it from Atlético??

But the thing does not end here. There are many who argue that Franco I could be fond of athletic Aviation (later Atletico Madrid). It is clear that the club had a strong military background and that, obviously, He was like the protagonist of this article. further, Vicente Calderón, Atletico president, It was always quite close to the Franco regime. There is also talk of preferential treatment to the club to build their stadium on the M-30.

By last, by adding options, Franco also said he helped his hometown team, the Racing Ferrol. The Galician side reached the Cup final just a few months after coming to power of dictator, While it is true that fell defeated by a resounding 6-2 against him Sevilla and he had already reached a final 10 years earlier.

Anyway, What is clear is that there are views for everyone and advocates have any option to cling. Madridista, culé, colchonero or just an easygoing but smart football. Let everyone draw their own conclusions.

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