Qatari soccer: 5 players who fell into temptation!

Qatari soccer: 5 players who fell into temptation!

The Soccer World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar and, although there is still almost a year left for the event, there are already many sights set on him. Although it is not known who will be the chosen players or the way in which the matches will be developed, the truth is that hardly anyone can wait for this to happen.

Without there being a direct relationship, It seems that the Middle Eastern country attracts a lot of attention or at least has started to arouse global interest. In any case, the excitement with this site is nothing new since many of our favorite players have already bet on those lands.

Which footballers got caught by Qatar?

Were real football stars, stars that only pass once by the place where you are and, although we all remember them for their team back then, No one can ignore their time in Qatar and how much they meant for the football of that country. Then, we leave you with the most noted:

Pep Guardiola

The one who is now manager of Manchester City Football Club fell into the Qatari football networks with great pleasure. The year 2003 Y, after a bad season at Brescia, signed for Al-Ahli to recover all the faith he had lost in his sport. When playing 36 matches and score up to seven goals we assume he achieved it.

Fabio Cannavaro

Although Fabio Cannavaro also played for Al-Ahli, It cannot be said that he did as well as Guardiola. Era 2010 Y, after going through teams like Real Madrid or Juventus very successfully, the Italian was not motivated and it was the team itself who cut the contract just a year later.

Gabriel Batistuta

Argentine Gabriel Batistuta signed by Al-Arabi in 2003, after a decade in Serie A - especially Fiorentina- thought it would be good to change of scene with said team and added to the Qatar location on the world map it seemed like a good idea. Here, juice 23 parties marking 26 goals and making it clear why they called him Batigol.

Raúl González

We return to Spain to talk about Raúl González, one of the most beloved footballers in the country and to whom we owe several moments of glory. Eternal of Real Madrid, signed for Al Sadd surprising Qatari football as very few did. In any case, wanted to continue climbing and in 2014 introduced himself as a new member of the New York Cosmos setting the bar very high.


The story of Romario in Qatari football It is not as beautiful as some of those that we have named here but, as a well-loved athlete in Brazil, could not be missing in this list that we have built. He lasted only one hundred days at Al-Saad after signing a millionaire contract and his teammates did not make it easy for him, causing him a crisis that led him to defeat.

Here some of the players who fell into temptation of Qatar and that they would very gladly repeat. Football stars for years, They could not resist the United Arab Emirates and all that they still had to give to that public that had bet on them.

Now, with the Soccer World Cup 2022 on the heads of all fans, It seems that the passion for this place has returned and that there are many athletes who plan to try their luck in a place where they have never been. Despite the fact that there is still a year left for the tremendous championship, nobody thinks of anything else.

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