The illuminated goal, one of the most beautiful in history

The illuminated goal, one of the most beautiful in history
The illuminated goal one of the most beautiful in history

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The illuminated goal, It is one of the best anecdotes of South American football, starring the Chilean legend: Elias Figueroa. One of the best central defenders, to shine in times when Pelé was the top soccer boss with "Don Elías".

The so-called "illuminated goal" is one of the most particular and extraordinary stories in the history of football.. It takes even more relevance when the protagonist is a legend of South American football. And why not world? Elias Figueroa, considered one of the best players of the time, where it also shone, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known worldwide as Pelé

The event occurred at the Gigante da Beira-Río Stadium, one day 14 December of the year 1975,. The Porto Alegre International, pretended to be local league champion, for the first time in its entire history.

It was a tense match where the first half ended in a draw. It was the eleventh minute of the second half and midfielder Valdomiro was driving the ball, until he was knocked down by a Cruzeiro defender, the rival on duty. It was there when the referee, from that time, Dulcidio Boschilia took a free kick, in favor of Inter.

At that time the game was still scoreless for both sides and it was all very close, sky was totally cloudy, like the party. Valdomiro calls the foul, towards the area looking for a header. It was then that Elias Figueroa, intercepted the ball with his head, winning the duel to all his rivals, connects a header that goes to the rival goal, beating the archer. All this while a ray of light, pointed, precisely to the Chilean defense, almost as if it were a "divine intervention". In fact, that ray of light disappeared instantly after the play.

That illuminated goal gave the International of Porto Alegre the title of champion, since the game ended 1-0 in favor of the Colorado Bug and unleashing a delirium for the championship obtained and for the time of that "illuminated" goal

Did the goal really happen like this?

All the archives of images and videos of the time confirm it, the day was completely gray and that day. And even in this way, Both the images and the images of the match clearly show Figueroa illuminated exactly when he scores the goal. And subsequently the ray of light disappeared as fast as it came.

So, Was it a divine intervention? Many Inter fans will insist that they do. And during the years that Figueroa had left in Brazil, had to endure many strangers approaching him to “play” his sick children to be miraculously cured.

Beyond this anecdote, Elías Figueroa was one of the best players of his time, is considered one of the best central defenders, so much so that Franz Beckenbauer himself, has declared that the Chilean is better than him.

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