Kily González, Real Madrid and BMW of Maradona

Kily González, Real Madrid and BMW of Maradona
Kily González and Maradona always had a very good relationship (ESPN)

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The Kily González was one of the best Argentine soccer players of the decade of 1990 Y 2000. The Argentine began to stand out in the ranks of Rosario Central until the opportunity arose to make the leap to Europe.

It was in the season 1994-1995. Jorge Valdano trained Real Madrid and he wanted to sign the Kily González. The extreme young man had only 20 years and came to receive a pre-contract with the merengue team to join the preseason in Geneva. But nevertheless, the pass was not finalized: “I did not know what Real Madrid was. In my house, in Rosario, you only saw the newscast and the TV was not working well. It can be said that I was a white player for minutes, until Maradona called me”.

Kily González: “I was a Real Madrid player until Maradona called me”

Indeed, ‘The fuzz’, that at that time he was about to complete his sanction and return to Boca, I wanted to build a competitive team: “Maradona called me at home, go figure, crazy. He asked me if I didn't want to go play Boca with him.. I had 20 years, I ran there”. In this way, his signing for the Real Madrid got frustrated.

In his first days as a Boca player he had the opportunity to meet Diego. The graphic he summoned both footballers to make a cover together. Kily he was excited and wanted to return to Rosario to tell his mother everything, but did not have a vehicle. Maradona asked him: “How are you going to go home by bus (bus), I give you a car”.

Indeed, Maradona gave him a BMW 325 convertible. Kily came to his parents' house with him and captured the attention of friends and neighbors.. No one could believe it. Funny thing is that time later, a policeman stopped the footballer for walking too fast. Although he recognized it, was willing to fine him for what he asked for the vehicle documentation. As explained by Kily González, when he saw that the documentation was in the name of Diego Armando Maradona his countenance changed: “Is this car from Diego?”. “Yes, He gave it to me”. “Then he kissed the papers, He returned them to me and let me go without fine”.

Just two years later, in 1996, Kily González He signed by the Real Zaragoza where he became a featured player. From there to Valencia, where he took over the left wing and won important titles such as the League 2001-2002. By last, as far as Europe is concerned, the Inter de Milan where he also got two Cups and an Italian League.

Of course, He also played with Argentina. With the albiceleste 56 games scoring 9 goals. He was present at a World Cup (2002) and two America's Cups (1999 Y 2004). further, was part of the campus that conquered the gold medal in the Athens Olympics in the year 2004.

Even though Maradona prevented the signing of Kily by Real Madrid, the truth is that he was a sporty father for the player who completed a most successful career. Finally, in the year 2011, hung the boots on his soul outfit: Rosario Central.



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