The history of betting in the world of football

The history of betting in the world of football
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Soccer is, definitely, one of the sports with the longest tradition throughout the planet. So much so that in its evolution it has been surrounding itself and establishing very powerful relationships with various economic sectors, such as gambling and betting.

The football betting they are not something of recent actuality, although it may seem otherwise. In this article we will try to shed some light on how they were born and which have been some of the most outstanding, that have brought great joys for fans of the sport considered the king of sports.

Where are you from?

It is known that betting on sporting events as such was already part of ancient civilizations such as the Roman and the Greek. But it is really very complex to detail the exact moment in which betting was born in the field of football.

Probably the birth of football betting dates back to around the middle of the 20th century, between the years 50 Y 60. By then, pool type games were the most popular. From there, and little by little, this activity began to be legalized and new forms of alternative gambling emerged, especially in areas like Great Britain.

Already in the decade of the 90 and beginnings of 2000, sports betting focused on soccer spread all over the world.

Very famous bets

In all this time, bets that have given huge smiles to their protagonists have risen to fame, along with large amounts of money. An example of this was the Premier League conquered by Leicester in the year 2015.

An amateur, that according to what they say was in a state of intoxication, decided to challenge luck and bet that his team would win that edition of the English league. The fee was 5.000 a 1, since the chances of that happening were minimal. As well, those 54 pounds invested ended up becoming a total of 84 millions, since Leicester worked the miracle. A real madness!

Possibly, this is one of the most famous cases that are remembered in this sense.


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