The characters of Supercampeones that were inspired by real soccer players

The characters of Supercampeones that were inspired by real soccer players
Impossible not to be fond of Roberto Sedinho, Óliver's coach in Champions.

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champions and its continuation in Superchamps is a series that marked the childhood of many soccer kids. If we take a look at their characters, we soon realize the great similarity with real footballers of the time. In this article we review the most obvious. Do you remember them all?


Óliver's coach. He is one of the most important characters because he is in charge of teaching everything that the great protagonist of the series knows.. Brazilian ex-soccer player with alcohol problems, something that one of the best Brazilian players in history also suffered: Socrates.

Socrates and Roberto Sedinho, a clear case of a character inspired by a real footballer from the Champions series (Wins and Losses)


Another great that could not be missing in the series is Diego Armando Maradona. The character of Juan Diaz, star of the Argentine team, is clearly inspired by the star of the albiceleste.

Maradona Oliver and Benji
Maradona and its equivalent in Supercampeones (SDR)


You also don't have to be very smart to find another one of the superchampions characters inspired by a real footballer of the time. Just by looking at the outfit he plays with Ricardo Espadas in the series he already makes it clear that this is a replica of the mythical Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos.

Jorge Campos
Jorge Campos and Ricardo Espadas (Juan Fútbol)


Another that jumps out. The character of Willem Arminios there is no doubt that it is inspired by the mythical Edgar Davids, Dutch footballer who caused a sensation by playing in big clubs like Ajax, Juventus, Barcelona among others.

characters series champions
Edgar Davids could not miss in the mythical series (Millennium)


The French Emmanuel Petit, World champion with France in 1998, is another one that we find here. This time his name is Pierre Le Blanc and he's one of Oliver and Tom's toughest Japanese rivals.

Petit France
Emmanuel Petit and his characteristic blonde mane (Third)


In case of Gino Hernández it is special, somehow, it has attributes of two of the great myths that have defended the goal of Italy: Dino Zoff Y Gigi Buffon.

real characters
Gigi Buffon, another crack that appears in Supercampeones (Juan Soccer)


Both shared first names. German star Karl Heinz Scheiner is clearly inspired by Rummenigge, one of the best german players in history.

Karl Heinz Rummenigge in the final of Mexico ’86 (depose)


The mythical Japanese gamer Kazu Miura, the footballer who has played in the First Division of Japan going from the 50. It could not be other than the great protagonist of the series of Yōichi Takahashi. Although there are those who say that he could also be inspired by Mario Kempes as he was present at the World Cup in 1978 held in Argentina where The matador was the big star.

Oliver Atom and Miura
Miura and Oliver Atom (The Journal)


The only character in the series who appears with the same first and last name is Roberto Baggio. The star of the Italian team has this privilege and we can see him in Superchamps with his more than characteristic ponytail.

Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio, one of the great cracks that appears in our favorite series (


How about other characters, it doesn't take a lynx to realize that Payol is Carles Puyol. The Barça defender shares physical appearance and his name is more than similar to the real footballer.

Carles Puyol
Carles Puyol and his cartoon share a great similarity (20 minutes)

The list could go on because there are many the characters of Champions and Superchamps who were inspired by real footballers. Stam, Enzo Francescoli, Patrick Kluivert, Jorge Valdano, Rivaldo are just a few more examples.

Javier Argudo

PC Football changed my life.

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    1. The original series is from 80 but it lasts a few years. On youtube you have all the chapters, even those of Super Champions where other stars of the 2000. regards.

  1. In the case of Payol it is correct because the character corresponds to the series 2002. But nevertheless, The first appearance of Pierre and Gino Hernández was in the 89, before Buffon's debut and Petit had international impact, so it is likely that they have no relationship with the characters. I don't find any similarity between Pierre and any French footballer of the time.… The most logical thing is that it was based on Platini, but it doesn't seem. And Gino Hernández is most likely inspired by Dino Zoff.
    On the other hand, It is very likely that Roberto Sedinho is also inspired by Tostao, who had to leave football to the 26 years from an eye injury.

    I'm sorry I'm so repellent… The thing is that I'm tired of seeing these types of lists made by people who obviously haven't seen more than three episodes of all the series and I thought it would be interesting to clarify it here..


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