Champions League: Fans can look forward to these round of 16!!

Champions League: Fans can look forward to these round of 16!!

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It was the feeling that all the participants in the Champions League were waiting for.. By last, the draw for the round of 16 was held for the February and March matches 2022. But what a drama! Instead of a solid draw, there were not only clashes for FC. Bayern Munich of Germany, but also a major breakdown and the whole draw had to be repeated. The bookmakers are also boiling, since the round of 16 attracts again, like is logic, to numerous gambling fans. In you will find important information about the best providers.

A unique draw in 2021

The news of the 13 from December to 2021 will go down in the history of football fans and clubs. 16 teams were eager to find out who they would face in next year's Champions League round of 16. Especially the German teams were eager, because of all the German participants only the FC. El Bayern, that can still change something in the series of defeats of the German teams.

Around the 12:00 the first draws began and for the German Bavarians there was a moment of shock. With Atlético de Madrid as a rival, a real crack was expected, as the Spaniards have a reputation for losing and are not willing to make it too easy for Bayern. In the first draw, which is no longer valid, the following matches were drawn:

  • PSG vs Manchester United
  • Manchester City – Villareal
  • Salzburg – Liverpool
  • Benfica Lisbon – Real Madrid
  • Inter de Milan – Ajax de Amsterdam
  • Sporting Lisbon – Juventus
  • Chelsea against Lille

The Spanish against Bayern: a dream duel that many fans wanted, but that Bayern feared. But shortly after the 1 p.m. THIS, they began to talk about a possible repetition. Trouble: After the match between Villarreal and Manchester United was tied for first place, it was clear that something was wrong. The two teams had already met in the group stage and, so, They cannot meet again according to the rules! Shortly before two in the afternoon, the decision was made: a new draw was made, and complete. At 15.00 hours of 13 from December to 2021, the teams from the Champions League round of 16 were drawn for the first time, After a breakdown in the draw!

The real knockout matches of the Champions League

With a delay of five minutes, the draw actually started and the first hammer became clear with the first draw. Salzburg, the weakest of the 16 remaining equipment, got paired with FC. El Bayern. For the Bavarians, that they would have had a truly equal rival at Atlético, this was almost a guarantee of progress. Relief for players, disappointment for fans, who would have wanted to see the clash between Spain and Germany.

Shortly after, it is clear that Sporting Lisbon will play against Manchester City. A totally solid duel in which the English can be considered clear favorites. Shortly after, it was decided that Ajax Amsterdam would now play against Benfica Lisbon.

There was more excitement when the Chelsea teammate draw took place. Once again, Lille has been framed as a rival, what a coincidence! For Atlético de Madrid, who was already eager to eliminate the German favorites, Manchester United is now a clear rival and for Villareal the adversary is Juventus of Turin. Inter Milan will face Liverpool and PSG will have their meeting with Real Madrid.

All the knockout stages on the check one more time:

  • Sporting Lisbon – Manchester City
  • Villarreal – Juventus
  • PSG – Real Madrid
  • Salzburg – FC Bayern
  • Benefica Lisbon – ajax Amsterdam
  • Inter de Milan – Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs Lilla
  • Atletico Madrid – Liverpool

Champions League winners: Who are the favorites?

While all fans naturally expect their own team to win, objective observers view probabilities from a different angle. There are also clear favorites for the Champions League 2021/2022, that have come through your game so far. Manchester City is considered one of the main favorites, as it has been on many occasions. Until now, the English have always managed to be among the favorites, but more than one place in the final has not been possible so far.

One of the clear favorites is, once again, German FC Bayern, that now has a new leader in the team, coach Julian Nagelsmann. The Bavarians have already reached the semi-finals seven times in ten years. In this sense, the team is the one that holds the record.

But nevertheless, the Atlético de Madrid also showed that Spaniards not only have the will but also the talent to win. It is a real pity that the match between Spain and Bayern is not held, a spectacular experience would have been guaranteed here. from favorites, a meeting, it is understandable that the fans are disappointed because after a new draw everything looks different. But maybe there will be a clash of giants after all, when Madrid and Bayern meet later in La Liga. In any case, Both are favorites!


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