Which teams won the Champions League more times?

Which teams won the Champions League more times?
The teams that have won the Champions League the most times.

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Shortly after continuing to advance in the round of 16, The Champions League is one of the football tournaments that arouses the most emotions among fans of this sport. Many make predictions and their Champions bet as the tournament progresses. Of course, so that the forecasts are more accurate, it is important to know the statistics of this exciting competition. For this reason, next, We present to you which teams have won the Champions League the most times.

What are the clubs with the most titles?

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the team that has won the Champions League the most times. With 13 titles and 3 runners-up, The Merengues raised their first Orejona in the year 1956. That season coincides, also, with the first edition of the tournament. At 2018 they were again champions for the third time in a row. If not because Barcelona won the title in the 2015, Real Madrid would have achieved 5 championships in a row.

AC Milan

Secondly, the Italian club AC Milan is located with 7 titles and 4 runners-up. The first time this team won the Champions League was in the year 1963, in the eighth edition of the competition; the last one was in the 2007 after beating Liverpool 2 a 1. Did alone 4 years that AC Milan did not become champion.

Bayern Munich and Liverpool

Third place is tied between Bayern Munich and Liverpool; the only difference is that the Germans have 5 runners-up and the English, 3. Bayern Munich won their first Champions League in 1974 and reached the title for the last time in the 2020, after 7 years without knowing victory. Meanwhile, Liverpool won this competition for the first time in 1977 and for the last time in 2019, after 14 years without being able to win.

Which countries have the most Champions League cups?


Spain has 18 titles and 11 runners-up. The most curious thing about this is that only Real Madrid and Barcelona have raised the Orejona. Meanwhile, Atlético de Madrid and Valencia are the others 2 clubs that have reached the final.


England is positioned as the second country with the most Champions League cups. 14 titles distributed between Liverpool, el Manchester United, el Nottingham Forest, Chelsea and Aston Villa more 10 runners-up complete the numbers of the English. In addition to the equipment already mentioned, el Manchester City, el Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Leeds United are other clubs that reached the final stage of the competition.


Italy is the third country with the most Champions League winning clubs. This country has 12 titles and 16 runners-up. AC Milan, Internazionale and Juventus are the champions, while Sampdoria, AS Roma and Fiorentina are the other clubs that reached the final.

Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Scotland, Romania and Serbia complete the list of countries that have, at least, a title.


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