Play Big! Soccer legends, a set of educational cards on historical players

Play Big! Soccer legends, a set of educational cards on historical players
Play Big! Soccer legends, play with the little ones learn and have fun.

In future genius®, We're dreamers, idealistic and convinced that a better world, fairer and more equitable, It is possible through knowledge and education in values.

Thus, We develop products and services aimed at promoting culture.

Our main product, Play Big!, is an interactive educational game cards, Available on various topics such as Countries of the world, great inventions, Nutrition O Emblematic places.

Introducing Play Big!

Unboxing Play Big!

Through a simple dynamic game, Play Big! It allows you to learn and acquire knowledge in a fun way.

Playing Play Big!

The gameplay, lets you use cards from different collections, thus creating a multi themed game.

After several collections on the market, we felt it was time to launch a beautiful game on and do it from a historical perspective, education and information:

Play Big! Soccer legends

Play Big


Football, it is without a doubt, one of the largest manifestations of popular culture of the world, and their great historical figures an excellent communication channel for transmitting general culture.

Soccer legends

Play Big! Soccer legends it consists of 50 letters (interactive) with illustrations, information of interest, curiosities and statistics, on 50 of the most representative figures in the history of football.

Ideal to learn by playing, for culture lovers and football fans.

You can access more information and for the rest of our collections

In future genius®, We Play Big, We Dream Big

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