Why Arsenal wears red with white sleeves?

Why Arsenal wears red with white sleeves?
Some Arsenal players pose for the cameras. Alan Ball (with white boots), Charlie George (with red boots), George Armstrong, Eddie Kelly, Peter Marinello and Sammy Nelson (Media Store House)

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The Arsenal It is one of the biggest clubs in England and the world. Not in vain, The London club is one of the most successful of his country 13 leagues and 13 Copas. But nevertheless, Today we will focus on the origin of their red shirt with white sleeves since it is rather curious.

Founded in 1886, was the first Southern club to join the Football League back in 1893. In the years 30 It was one of the great masters of English football adding 5 leagues and 2 FA Cup. Why the Arsenal wears red is because two of its founders, Fred Beardsley y Morris Bates, They had played in Nottingham Forest but they had moved to London to work.

At first the team did not have uniforms to play so Beardsley y Bates they contacted his former club and asked for a collaboration. Forest managers sent a full team shirts and pants of a Purple red and a ball.


But nevertheless, red uniform full of Arsenal It was amended 1933. At that time, Herbert Chapman, Coach equipment, He wanted his players were distinguished from the rest with something more original. Thus, introduced the sleeves and white pants. It is unclear where the idea but said the technician was struck in an amateur match in the stands stood out for wearing a red sleeveless sweater over a white shirt.

Anyway, the case is that Gunners They have worn since this original clothing. There have been only a couple of exceptions. The first season 1966-1967 in which the team played with a 'kit’ with different shades of red. No was well received by the public so turned to white sleeves next season.

The second time the whole of London ceased to wear the white sleeves was in season 2005-2006. This was because it was the last campaign in the former club Highbury and therefore the Arsenal fully dressed red shirt but with a purple hue, those first rowers inspired by the receiving Nottingham Forest.

There have been many stars that have led this legendary shirt. Tony Adams, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Ray Parlour o Paul Merson, among others. Definitely, the season that fans will remember his proudest was the 2003-2004 in which the team led by French coach Arsene Wenger He managed to win the Premier League without losing a single game. He is known as Arsenal Invincibles.

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