Real Madrid Champion League and Cup 1988-1989

Real Madrid Champion League and Cup 1988-1989
Hugo Sanchez, Buyo, Parra, Schuster among others, celebrate the Cup title won by Real Madrid (Photo: As)

In FÚTBOLRETRO.ES we like to remember legendary teams. Today we want to remind the Real Madrid League and Cup champion in season 1988-1989.

That dominated Spanish football team for five seasons in which he won five consecutive league. His best season was precisely the 1988-1989 in which he got League, Cup Y Spain Supercup.

In that template find 'La Quinta del Vulture’, a batch of players from the madridista branch to the delight of merengue fan for many years. Butragueño, Míchel, Sanchis, Martin Vazquez Y Pardeza the they formed although the latter had to go to Real Zaragoza looking for opportunities.

In this cast of great players others joined as Paco Buyo, Tendillo, Gordillo as well as German Bernd Schuster and Mexican Hugo Sanchez. All of them led by Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker.

The Real Madrid He won the lightweight title with some authority, with an advantage of 5 points on FC Barcelona (at that time the victory totaled two points).

Meanwhile, The Whites won the trophy Copa del Rey prevailing in the final Real Valladolid at Vicente Calderon Stadium with a lone goal Rafael Gordillo. To remember the tie will be contested against Real Sporting in the round of 16 with an overall result of 10-7 (5-5 in Gijon and 5-2 in Madrid).

Sacchi's Milan gets in the way of the REAL MADRID

But nevertheless, that generation of players will always have a thorn: The European Cup. At that time Real Madrid He dominated Spanish football but ran into a machine to make football in Europe: Arrigo Sacchi's Milan.

Both teams faced off in the semifinals of the European Cup and the Italians had no mercy on white. In the first leg Real Madrid It did not take the tie to one in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Everything was to be resolved in the return in Italy where pupils Arrigo Sacchi They passed over Real Madrid endorsing a painful and historical 5-0.

although the Real Madrid He started well and created some danger in the immediate area milanista, They were gradually reaching goals. In fact, break and won by local 3-0 with many of Ancelotti (that later would train both teams), moneybags Y Ruud Gullit. In the second part completed 'mannitol’ Marco Van Basten Y Donadoni.

Milan 5 Real Madrid 0
In a historic match, Milan endorsed a painful 5-0 Real Madrid in the first leg of the semifinals of the European Cup (


2 thoughts on “Real Madrid Champion League and Cup 1988-1989

  1. Hello Javi,

    First, congratulations on the page. It's easy to hook from one item to another in a near infinite loop. Too bad it's protected and won't let me open multiple tabs at the same time.

    But the real reason for my message is to warn you about one thing, especially because it happens to me too (sometimes): we let ourselves be carried away by memory and this is treacherous… much. I, lately, floor, even when I'm fully sure, check the data.

    The one that slipped you is the following: the glorious AC Milan of the Dutch, Donadoni, Baresi, Maldini, Ancelotti and, as, Sacchi, he did not leave anything sentenced in the first leg, the famous (and misleading, everything has to be said) 5-0, it was around, in Madrid they stayed 1-1.

    Sorry you have to rephrase the end of the article. In any case, this is not an obstacle for the rest of the article to be correct: That Madrid was a great team that had bad luck in the European Cup.

    The previous year it was PSV who unfairly eliminated them and that year it was Milan that was another great team, maybe better, but we must not forget how disputed Sacchi was at that time (in Italy Inter won the German trio, with Napoli second) and how did you get to that semifinal, with previous or unfair qualifiers (against Red Star and that rare and famous tiebreaker match: passed on penalties without deserving it, the yugoslavs were better) or adjusted (against German Werder, who also had another team).

    And against Madrid, in the first leg he was slightly better at stake (that shrinking of spaces and the offside stunned the Merengue), although he had to draw near the end (about 80 ') with a goal from Van Basten. And on the return (I recommend that you see it with the comments of De la Casa -TVE1- because they analyze the start of the game very well), the key was Paco Paquito Package Buyo, with an unforgivable swallow that cost a tie. I was dominating Madrid, Milan was very cautious, but as a result of the goal, Madrid had a pájara and in just 5 minutes from swallow, I already had a 2-0, with the average against the first leg. And even above, almost on break, the 3rd falls: an insurmountable slab.

    In my opinion, the result was misleading both by the game (Milan did not sweep, it was better at the Bernabeu) as for the result. The 5-0, despite the justified legend of that Milan, did not show the distance between 2 teams. That Milan was a bit superior? Possibly (the tactic tipped the scales). At that level of distance? No joke.

    And for sample, a button: the following season they cross again in the second round, Milan win again, but the global was a 2-1, and on the return, Madrid was able to trace the 2-0 O, at least, match it (luck and morals -they had food-, in football, they also count). In Italy, again Milan does not win, this time Maradona's Napoli does it.

    So, that Milan was good, but it was a time of glorious teams; el Milan de Sacchi-Capello (89-94; with Capello they achieve an incredible unbeaten record: more than a year without losing) coincides in time with period squads such as Barça de Cruijff and the great Marseille of the Papin, Waddle and Co.. And beware that I do not take an iota of merit: is one of the best teams in history, but he didn't walk either, that sometimes legends blind our eyes.

    Well nothing, sorry for the big bump hahaha.


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