Miguel Pardeza, the great forgotten 'La Quinta Vulture’

Miguel Pardeza, the great forgotten 'La Quinta Vulture’
Pardeza celebrates a goal with the shirt of Real Madrid with Hugo Sánchez (Scoopnest)

Virtually everyone has heard on occasion of La Quinta del Vulture and almost anyone is able to appoint any of its members. But nevertheless, there is a name that usually stays in the pipeline: Miguel Pardeza.

Perhaps by being the only member who was not born in Madrid that wonderful generation of players of the mythical Castilla, madridista branch. Or for being the least role played in the first team of the Real Madrid, the name of Pardeza usually the least is linked to the great batch of players who made history in Spanish football.

Butragueño, Martin Vazquez, Míchel, Sanchis and Pardeza They are the five players form La Quinta del Vulture. They all had the opportunity to debut in the first team madridista hand a legend Alfredo Di Stefano as in 1984.

But nevertheless, in his first season in the elite, menudo footballer (He born in La Palma County, Huelva) was the least minutes had therefore sought a profitable assignment to the Real Zaragoza.

In the Aragonese capital it was where you could see the best version of Pardeza he had matches and scored his first goals in the top flight. further, He proclaimed Cup champion which he helped him to return to the Bernabéu where, despite the competition that was at the front with Butragueño, Hugo Sanchez, Santillana and Valdano, It was important in achieving the league title season 1986-1987.

Pardeza A Real Zaragoza

But nevertheless, the future augured quite complicated in the set merengue so Pardeza He decided to pack up and sign for Real Zaragoza where if he was offered the opportunity to be a major player, And what if it was.

Manas lands became one of the leaders of the team and was part of one of the most glorious periods in the history of the club with the achievement of a new Copa del Rey and of Recopa gained historic Arsenal in Paris 1995.

'The Fifth Vulture'
The members of 'La Quinta Vulture'. From left to right, Butragueño, Pardeza, Míchel, Sanchis and Martin Vazquez (Trade in the South)

Pardeza It is part of the history of the Real Zaragoza He commanded to which for several seasons. players like Higuera, Belsué, Solana, Unless a o Esnáider were some of his peers Victor Fernandez on the bench.

Finally, As to the other members of the Fifth Vulture, the player hung up his boots in Mexico, particularly in the rows of the Puebla. Already retired, he served as sports director of both the Real Madrid as the Real Zaragoza, clubs in your life.

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