The most surreal play of the World Cup history occurred in a Brazil-Zaire

The most surreal play of the World Cup history occurred in a Brazil-Zaire
Mwepu ilunga was reprimanded after starring in one of the strangest plays of the history of the World (The newspaper)

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It was the most surreal play in the history of the World Cups. Although many people surprised, the selection of Zaire was one of those teams that participated in the World Cup against all odds. In particular it was held in Germany 1974. and it was composed entirely amateur players who were not up to par, as expected. Result of this, which they are staged, surely, It is one of the strangest plays in the history of the World Cups.

The most surreal play in the history of the World Cups

History has a funny story. The African team to qualify after proclaiming African champions in a way one bit suspicious. Mobutu, dictator of Zaire, He promised a lot of money to get players after qualifying so they came raring and excitement to the finals. The group that were framed It was not easy: Brazil, Yugoslavia (which at that time it was a very powerful selection) Y Scotland they would be rivals.

The first match against the Scots ended with a decent result 2-0 for British. But nevertheless, This is when the trouble began. African dictator was not happy with the result and threatened not to pay promised by what the players amagaron with no out to play the next game against Yugoslavia. Finally did, but the result says it all: 9-0 for the Balkan.

If they lose by more than three goals… not return home”

If the anger Mobutu It was great before the game against Yugoslavia, Just imagine after that humiliating defeat by nine goals. Sorcerers who had come to give luck to the selection of Zaire they left and only then came the great threat of the dictator to his players: “If they lose by more than three goals the last game not return home”. The rival was nothing more and nothing less than Brazil.


Brazilians, reigning champions of the world after his victory in 1970, and if that was not enough, they were bound to win and to be a big goal difference as they had tied the previous two games to zero. Players Zaire, they were far from professional, They should fall within 3 goals or your life or that of their families, danger. Now that's pressure and not what some players reported today.

The match went smoothly and the absence of 10 minutes from the end the result was 3-0 for Brazilians. Zaire I had a decent time meeting and achieved the minimum target that had marked him Mobutu. That's when the move occurred more surreal than many can remember.

The referee awarded a free kick for Brazil at the edge of the area. He placed the barrier of African and blew his whistle. At that moment Mwepu Ilunga he recorded his name forever in the history of world football. The African player ran out of the barrier and hit a ball leaving everyone dumbfounded. The referee showed the yellow card and the player did not quite understand the reason. Perhaps neither he knew nor Regulation.

The meeting ended with 3-0, in this way Brazil He was classified and complied with the procedure and players Zaire They could go home. Who knows if that day saved their lives.

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