18-9-2002: The day the first time Bayern lost at home against a Spanish team

18-9-2002: The day the first time Bayern lost at home against a Spanish team
Munich Olympic Stadium (Moerschy/Pixabay)

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It's in the records of the founding date Bayern Munich was the 27 September 1900, making it one of the classic European teams. During years, also, He managed to keep the legend that made him invincible when playing against a Spanish team at the Olympic Stadium in Munich Living. It was not until the beginning of the century when a small Galician team showed up to play against the all-powerful German. With all odds against, but from confidence in their chances, tactical discipline and creative savvy men and Juan Carlos Valeron, Fran Y Makaay, the Deportivo La Coruna was able to take the win Y, also, scoring three times in the goal titan Kahn, one of the best goalkeepers in history.

Depor did not arrive in the best conditions, without much of the starting lineup that season, starting with the goal, but Irureta landed in Munich with a plan to pierce the rival defense impregnable priori, a plan passing by combine the vision and magic at the touch of Valerón with the speed and capacity of Roy Makaay uncheck. That plan only took 12 minutes to crystallize a goal that knocked the wind out an advanced German defense and their goalkeeper unbeatable. It was a perfect pass into the space in a combination that its leaders executed without looking, with the confidence of players who know and trust the quality and the other's response, two players besides companions are friends.

Sporting, very much in the style of Jabo Irureta, I knew reduce the intensity of the encounter, something that helped the game plan of Bayern who wanted to control all the spaces and create from patience. This plan did not find any point of wear in the scheme of technical or delivering players and, and it remained until again the spark Genius. Valerón a pass as he was only able to conceive was invented; Hector He showed his speed in the race to reach the critical point for the center and impeccable efficiency Makaay It completed its work perforating the rival goal.

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Seeing as plans were made fosfatina, Hiztfeld appealed to the classic style: Bayern left behind the tap and waterspout was launched against the goal of his rival. Around the entire rest of the Bavarian cavalry galloped and Salihamidzic opened the scoring for yours, with a gun after a rebound in the area. Seven minutes later, at 64, a corner had the fear of heart swollen deportivista: Elber He is scoring just after the corner to tie the game.

In this situation, Depor that today we lost in the bottom of the second division classification, suffering a hobby is watching Celta Vigo, the eternal rival, Galicia, bearing marks the headlines, although in recent 6 meetings He has only managed to take 6 points, I would have had little to do, In addition to lowering arms; but it 17 years the thing was quite different and Irureta able to react in time and breathe historic ambition and sense his team. Entry Joan Capdevila was enough for the Depor regained ground and to give Valerón the need to return to space taken out of the hat, umpteenth, other pass impossible the smell of Makaay sent to the back of the net. Nor we would find today the delivery and claw to resist and keep the result in the final minutes, just because 15 minutes have elapsed since the third goal of Depor until beep confirming the victory of the Whites they were eternal.

The 18 September 2002, a team with little experience in Europe became the Spanish first squad to overcome Bayern at home. It was not an easy result, It was not a comfortable match, but the Galicians reached a milestone not again repeat to 2014, when Real Madrid defeated the Germans 0-4 , although they did away from the Olympic; Bayern had already moved to Allianz Arena.


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