Parma the years 90: The best in history

Parma the years 90: The best in history
Parma formation with players like Sensini, Thuram, Buffon, Boghosian, Veron, Hernán Crespo or Cannavaro among others (Sports world)

The kids we met football in the late 80 and early 90 still we remember a team that love us. The Parma Italian brought together some of the best players of the time, a real great team that, definitely, He made history.

The history of the club is full of ups and downs. Several disappearances and refundaciones that caused great economic instability both sports. It is not until the season 1989-1990 when the Parma achieved, for the first time in its history, promotion to the Italian Serie A hand technical Nevio Scala.

Parma the years 90, the golden age

Far from settle permanence, Parmesan team achieves, in his first season in the top flight, a sixth commendable position that. A year later comes the first title for the club showcases, the Coppa Italia, beating, no more no less, that the Juventus in a two-legged final (1-0 en Delle Alpi y 2-0 at home).

The successes not stopped coming. The following season come two new titles, in this international event: The Recopa and the European Super Cup. further, Serie A finishes third, a position that would improve a year later when finished runner-up behind the Juventus.

Their fight against The old lady would not cease. Both they fought and were distributed titles during the decade of the 90 and early 2000. The Parma He achieved a total of three Italian Cups (1991-1992, 1998-1999 Y 2001-2002) and he lost two other finals (1994-1995 Y 2000-2001).

Regarding European titles, the historical Parma won two UEFA Cups (1994-1995 Y 1998-1999), a Recopa (1992-1993) and one European Super Cup (1993). This makes it the fourth Italian team in terms of international titles, behind Juventus, Milan and Inter.

Parma UEFA Cup
Players celebrate Parma won the UEFA Year 1999 (Diario Las Américas)

As we said at the beginning of the article, during those years there were many stars who wore the yellow jersey and blue. Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram, Fernando Couto, Sensini, Veron, Zola, Brolin, Church, Asprilla, Hernán Crespo… They are just a few examples.

In fact, Crespo Y Asprilla They occupy the top two places in the list of top scorers in the club history. Argentina was able to score 94 many in the stage in the Parma while the Colombian remained in 80 targets.

best teams in history
Another historical alignments of Parma 90. This time shows players like Zola, Stoichkov o Faustino Asprilla.

Unfortunately, those mythical teams Parmalat They passed into history. Recently, the club had to auction the titles achieved during those glorious years, again, I had to re-founded under the name Parma Football 1913. It will be difficult to return to see a Parma as powerful as that of the years 90, but we can always remember.

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