10 teams that do not have imagined have played a World

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Be in a world Cup football is not easy, There are many teams who have never set foot in a final stage, and they are also many who have been able to taste only once every four years appointment. today we review 10 selections whose presence can surprise more than one; It may be a country with little tradition in the world of football, or part of a small state, or because so many years have passed and many will remember when he was (or they had not been born yet.).


Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, more than 250 millions of inhabitants, but in the world of football it is not exactly a benchmark. Perhaps few would agree that came to contest a World Cup finals; probably they will not remember because it happened in editing 1938.

At that time this territory was still called Dutch East Indies (yet as a colony of the Netherlands), and with the running of the tournament he became the first Asian World Cup combined. Indonesians only played one game, falling defeated in phase knockout against Hungary 0-6 in the French town of Reims.

CUBA 1938

In Cuba the most prominent sport is baseball, with a large pool of players, and many other modalities (It is ranked 16 in the historic medal of the Summer Olympics), but it is not exactly known for his football team. A team that managed to qualify for World Cup, of France 1938.

In those days Fidel Castro I had 11 years. Cubans passed the first round, after tying three with Romania on his debut, and then desempataron to beat the European team in a new duel, with a 2-1 the score. In the quarterfinals he ended the way of the Caribbean, losing to Sweden 0-8.

GALES 1958

“¿Wales Bale He has not yet gone to the World, true? And at the time of Ryan Giggs, recently, It does not sound me out? Then surely there will be participated”; it is very likely that this is the thinking of many fans of the presence of this combination of western Britain in the final phase. But Wales If you played a World, the Swedish 1958.

And I had a good role, Getting through the first phase in a group where there were the Swedish hosts, Hungary and Mexico. With all they tied and a new duel against Hungary won the ticket by beating 2 a 1. Welsh quartered encountered Pele Brazil, Garrincha and company who finished champions, and they succumbed by a tight 0-1 with a goal from Pele himself. As a curiosity, in that World Cup all teams participated as part of the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the aforementioned Wales), the 25% of all teams that qualified.


Israel has qualified for only one edition of the main soccer tournament selections, and to remember must go back to Mexico '70. Israeli players started with a defeat against Uruguay (0-2), but then they added two points to tie with Sweden (1-1) and Italy (0-0). This did not allow them to avoid the wooden spoon of their group.

By the way, in qualifying for this World, Israel did not play in the European region, where it currently does, but in Asia, the continent geographically is located. And to get the ticket had to beat New Zealand and Australia, two combined that are geographically in Oceania, not in Asia.


The Democratic Republic of Congo he played the finals of the football World Cup year 1974, when it was still called Zaire. A milestone for a country that for many years he had achieved independence from Belgium. The African team suffered three defeats against Brazil (0-3), Scotland (0-2) and Yugoslavia (a strong 0-9), and he ended his tour lands Germany Occidental in the last place in the group 2. Since then, the current DR Congo has failed to qualify for the big event.

HAITI 1974

The World 1974 It was successful in involving unusual selections. If we were talking just before the former Zaire, Now we left the Caribbean. More specifically to Haiti, a country that is recurrent news and unfortunately not positive issues. One of the poorest economies in the world, and victims of disasters like the earthquake 2010, Perhaps surprisingly, his presence in the World Cup.

That was the issue 74, where he stayed in the group stage after losing all three matches; yes, He managed to score against Italy (1-3) and Argentina (1-4), Caribbean against Poland but had no options (0-7).


Kuwait's name has been marked in modern history by the Gulf War years 90. Before, in football history known for its presence in the World 1982 in Spain, which was the only combined located in Asia of that edition.

In his debut the Arab side began punctuating against Czechoslovakia, with a draw 1 in Valladolid, but what came next was too complicated. Kuwait lost to France (1-4) and a solitary goal against England. Eventually they occupied the last place in the group 4.


The World Mexico '86 He hosted, In addition to the hosts, another American selection, the northernmost of the continent, Canada. In a country where they have their own way of football, Canadian football (that who do not know, It has similarities with the US American football), and where ice hockey is the sport king, not to forget the presence of the ball soccer ball.

yes, so far only they qualified for this World Cup edition, where they finished with three defeats. Canadians faced France, with which he lost 0-1, and respective fit 0-2 against Hungary and the Soviet Union.

IRAQ 1986

If four years before he had set foot in the World Cup Kuwait, the 1986 it was the turn of Iraq. At the time and Saddam Hussein ruled, and the country had suffered from years of war with its neighbors Iran. Under these conditions Mexico won the ticket for the Iraqi team. And although he lost all three matches in their group in the first phase, in all of them did by the minimum; against Paraguay (0-1), Belgium (1-2) and Mexico, the hosts (0-1).


And to complete the trilogy of consecutive appearances of Gulf countries that have only been in a World Cup, UAE went to Italy 1990. There the Arab team could not score any points after losing to Colombia (0-2); West Germany would end up adding the title (1-5) and Yugoslavia (1-4).

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