The only ones ‘One Club Man’ of the history of Real Madrid

The only ones ‘One Club Man’ of the history of Real Madrid

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Be a One Club Man it's getting more complicated. Footballers who develop their entire professional careers in a single club are in danger of extinction. Today we review the only players in the history of Real Madrid who have accomplished this feat.

Who are the One Club Man in the history of Real Madrid?


The Basque midfielder is one of the few who can boast of being on this list. Of the juvenile of the Arenas de Getxo, arrived at Plus Ultra, Madrid subsidiary in 1949. After two seasons, he made the jump to the first Real Madrid team and became a fixture. In his record are 5 European Cups, 6 Suspenders, 1 Spain Cup, 2 Latin Cups and 1 Intercontinental Cup.


Another mythical in the history of Real Madrid who never visited another shirt. The Murcian defender debuted with the first team with 18 years. After a brief passage through the Castile, accumulated 16 seasons in the first white squad reaping great successes in the form of titles. Suspenders, Copas del Rey, UEFA Cups… only the European Cup resisted him.


Talk about Miguel Porlán “Chendo’ is to make it from a Real Madrid historical. First as a player, one of the best right backs in club history, and later as team delegate. Since his arrival at Castile, merengue subsidiary, in 1980 until his retirement in the season 1997-1998 (of seventh European Cup), 600 official matches counting, Of course, which added as an international with the Spanish team.


The last of the One Club Man of the Real Madrid till the date. Manolo Sanchis managed to complete an enviable career with the madridista jersey. First in Castilla, like the rest of this list, and later in the first team where he was 18 seasons. Suspenders, cups and, Of course, two European Cups (the seventh and the eighth) who was also able to raise as team captain. further, It's one of the footballers with the most matches in the history of the Spanish League.

Today, one of the players who could join this list is Nacho. The player, formed in the madridista quarry, He has always remained at the merengue club since his first team debut this season 2010-2011.

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