Why does the Peruvian national team wear a red stripe on its shirt??

Why does the Peruvian national team wear a red stripe on its shirt??
Peru national team shirt, one of the most beautiful in world football (Peruvian Soccer)

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Like River Plate in Argentina or Rayo Vallecano in Spain, Peru's national team sports a red stripe on his shirt. The history and origin of this jacket is, as usual, very curious.

The Peru team has a great story. The colors of his shirt were always red and white, but nevertheless, in the early years of the 20th century, they started out wearing a t-shirt with vertical stripes. yes, looked too much like Paraguay, that he had ‘patented it’ few years earlier, so I chose to change it.


There were several options that arose at the time. A totally white shirt with a touch of red. another completely red. But, Finally, triumphed the design of the red stripe with which the Peruvian team achieved an important victory in the year 1936.

It was in the Berlin Olympics. Peru faced the Austrian national team and, as account, Hitler himself tried to rig the result of the meeting to demonstrate the hegemony and superiority of the Aryan race. But nevertheless, the peruvian team, with the red stripe on the chest, won the victory over the Austrians by a score of 4-2. The result was annulled by FIFA, apparently forced by the Nazi regime.

Teofilo Cubillas Peru
Teofilo Cubillas, one of the best Peruvian Soccer Players in History (Trujillo Peru)

This marked a before and after in the history of the Peru team. From then until today, the red stripe has been a more than recognizable hallmark for football lovers around the world. Great figures like Teofilo Cubillas, Hugo Sotil, Hector Chumpitaz, Claudio pizarro O Paolo Guerrero, among others, have proudly defended the Peruvian elastic.


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